3 ways to recover deleted photos on your Android device

09/12/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Keep calm and recover deleted photos from your Android phone with these tips. All is not lost (hopefully) forever.




So, you’ve been unlucky or clumsy enough to delete or lose precious photo memories from your phone huh? Fear not.

Depending on whether you have certain settings enabled on your Android device or not, you may be able to recover photos after sending them to the trash. There are a few options regarding how to get those precious images back.

Here’s some ways you can (possibly) recover your photos on Android anytime you might lose them.

3 ways to recover deleted photos on your Android device

  1. Dig through your trash

If you have back up & sync on, your photos have simply been moved to “trash” and can be recovered within 60 days.


  1. Open the Google Photos app on your device
  2. At the top left of the app screen, look for ‘Menu’ then ‘Trash/Bin’
  3. Press and hold the photo or video you want to recover
  4. At the bottom, tap ‘Restore’.

This technique only works if your phone is set to back up & sync using google Photos app.  If you haven’t done this, there’s no reason your photos will be saved to the cloud.


  1. Recover photos from a rooted phone

Not many people have their phone rooted these days, but if you do you may be in luck. Disk Digger is an app for photo and video recovery if you’re rocking a rooted device.



After downloading Disk Digger, go ahead and start the app and grant the root permissions. Use “Full Scan” option to scan every crevice on your Android for the deleted photos. If you do find them buried underneath the baloney on your phone, go ahead and select “Recover” after pressing on the photos.

Note: This method isn’t guaranteed to work, but neither is rooting your phone. Some files can be corrupted upon recovery, but it’s worth a crack.


  1. Recover photos from your SD card

Again, not many are using SD cards on their phones, but if you are, it could be your day of triumph.



There is no guarantee with this method, however. From the technical side of things, your SD generally keeps deleted files until they are overwritten by new data. When new data comes along, it wipes it. So, you should really try to remove your SD card as soon as you realize you’ve deleted something precious.

You’ll then need to make use of some specialized software like easeUS Data Recovery tool. Connect your SD to your PC using a card reader or your computers. Launching the easeUS program will prompt you with the option to scan your SD for files that can potentially be recovered.

Note: This method ONLY works if you use an SD card for storage on your Android device.

Next steps to avoid future mistakes

Take better care and make use of services that offer cloud storage to save your memories and other important files.

  1. Google Photos gives you unlimited free photo storage for 16-megapixel photos and 1080p videos. Use “back up & sync” in the settings section of your Photos app. Or if you happen to own a Google Pixel phone, you have unlimited storage at full resolution for life.
  2. Photo-based social platform Flickr gives you a metric ton of free photo storage in their full resolution. et unlimited storage with the Pro Plan.
  3. Or, do it old school and back up your stuff manually by connecting to your PC. This obviously doesn’t help you in the case of a house fire, so keep that in mind and get up to speed with cloud storage.

A 3-foot drop can render your phone useless. A simple plunge in the toilet can turn your phone into a device as functional as Wiz Khalifa’s frontal cortex. Be careful and always back up your data and files before its too late.

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