4 best voice changers for Discord for trolling in real time

06/26/2019     Author: Armand Richardson

Try any one of these best voice changers for Discord to take your trolling to the next level. From Satan to alien, these software have it all.

Here’s the reality of gaming in 2019. There’s a slew of next generation kids that grow up playing intense video games from a young age, and as a result, some of the best of them are pre-pubescent teen boys and girls.

And let’s face it, dominating and trolling online in Fortnite, LOL or Apex Legends isn’t quite as effective with the voice of a fairy.

If you’re reading this and you’re one of these people, you might want to grab a voice changer and make yourself sound like Satan himself on a rampage. Even if you’re not one of these people, using a voice changer is a great way to stay anonymous and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Voice changers work by modifying the pitch and tone of your voice God blessed you with, and it does so in real time. The outcome is the perfect tool for taking online trolling to the next level.

With the advent of Discord, communicating while gaming on worldwide servers has become easier than ever. Therefore, this article will focus on the best voice changers for Discord but should work with Skype and Steam as well.

Note: To get the most out of these deceiving voice modifiers, a dedicated sound card and a decent mic like Blue Yeti will provide a better experience.

4 best Discord voice changers

Voxal Voice Changer

If you’re a 14-year-old girl looking to sound like an extra-terrestrial Martian, Voxal Voice Changer might be your best bet. In fact, the voice changing capabilities of Voxal are near limitless, so this is a great choice for trolls of all ages and genders. If you’re using this non-commercially you can grab it for free. Effects are applied in real time, ranging from anything from squirrel to ethereal to echo.


This may be the best voice changer for Discord that your money can buy for Windows. It’s super easy to integrate with your favourite software. There are tons of voice effects and it can be yours for $15USD. Alternatively, you can use 7 random voices per day for free, if you don’t mind taking a lucky dip.


This is a great voice changer for Windows and Mac. If you want to sound like a Hobbit, wizard, dolphin or Lucifer himself. It has voice learning technology and backgrounds cancellation for a smoother voice changing experience. It’s available for $30.


Because this voice changer is installed on a system level, every single application will be affected when it’s in use. Whether its Steam, Skype, Discord, Mumble, or any other application, you’ll have an opportunity to troll beyond your wildest dreams. Voice effects include Genji, radio, robot, Optimus Prime, Alien, Darth Vader and many more. Clownfish is available for Windows and best of all, it’s absolutely free.


There are a ton of voice changers out there, but these are simply the best. Personally, I recommend Clownfish for the fact that its free and offers a huge range of voice modifications at a system level. This is your chance to take your gaming persona to the next level and above all, have a bit of fun. Happy trolling!

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