5 of the best Android emulators for PC in review

06/28/2019     Author: Armand Richardson

If you’re an avid Android fanboy, you’ll need a smooth emulator to bring the operating system to your computer. Check out our list of best android emulators for PC.

Humans have a natural tendency to regress backwards when it comes to technology. The advent of vintage camera apps is a perfect testament to this. Downloading software to deliberately mimic cameras in which quality was nowhere near as good as today is beyond me, but I appreciate that it’s mainly for the element of nostalgia. In addition to a deep seeded urge to become alternative and edgy.

But I’m not here to talk about that light streaked, timestamped linguine from ’92 you felt the need to upload to the gram. I’m here to talk about Android emulators, why you might need one and which one to download for the best experience on PC.

Why use an Android emulator?

In fact, there are many reasons you might want to use an Android emulator on your PC. If you love playing Android games, you may want to play it more efficiently on your computer with a mouse and keyboard, instead of having to smash your phone screen with those mallets you call thumbs.

Besides this, Android emulators are common among developers for testing apps and games before launch. And then there’s a small demographic of people who use these emulators for productivity. There’s a lot of nifty apps out there for Android and not being limited to using them on your phone can give you an edge when it comes to general productivity.

But alas, the hunt for the best Android emulator for PC is not easy. So, we’ve done a bit of homework and created a list of the finest to help you find the one that suits your needs.

5 of the best Android emulators for PC


First on the list is the quarterback of Android emulators, Bluestacks. Consider this the most popular and mainstream among them, and for good reason. Mainly because it was one of the first on the scene that worked really well, and it continues to get regular updates. It also lets you launch multiple games at once in separate windows for the true hardcore gamer. It falls under occasional fire for its weight but considering it’s the most feature-rich it’s a small trade-off. Try Bluestacks emulator now.


Another contender to make the list of Android emulators for Windows is Nox Player. Along with the standard features you would expect like key-mapping, it also boasts controller support. The key-map gesture control is a lot of fun and can enhance your gameplay. For example, assign a function to swipe left to an arrow key for use in games without needing actual controller hardware. Download Nox free.

Ko Player

Fresh faced and new to the emulator game is Ko Player, a great addition that went unnoticed by Android enthusiasts for a while. Key mapping lets you simulate the functions of a controller on your keyboard, and the recording feature lets you capture your gameplay and upload it to the web if you’re about that life. You won’t have to pay a penny for Ko Player, which is a benefit in itself, but you do get what you pay for. This emulator falls in the middle of the spectrum in terms of quality and functionality. We recommend this one for productivity purposes. Grab Ko Player free today.

Android Studio

If you’re a developer looking to test games and apps, this is your emulator of choice. It was created by IDE, which is essentially Google, and offers a bunch of add-ons and other tools to help test apps. With fewer features than the other contenders on this list, we recommend Android studio strictly for testing rather than hardcore gaming. Download it free here.


New kid on the block MEmu was launched in 2015 and was designed with the avid gamer in mind. Speeds are on par with the legendary Bluestacks and Nox, and it supports AMD and Nvidia chips – a highly sought-after feature. This may be the best Android emulator for pubg. It’s based on Android Lollipop while supporting other versions like Jellybean and KitKat. It’s free, has the capacity to run heavy games and is fantastic for productivity apps. And there’s no need to pay a cent. Download MEmu now, for free.

Best Android emulator games to try


Of course, the legendary PUBG makes the list. Considered one of the best battle royale style games to hit the Google Play Store, you can now gain an edge by blowing it up on the big screen while you blow up your opponents.

Monument Valley

While using a controller or keyboard won’t give you an edge in this game, the visual aesthetics and soundtrack deserve to be enhanced on PC. Monument Valley is a stunning geometric puzzle adventure with a lot of mystery and symbolism thrown in to leave you pleasantly confused as you navigate a dream like world.


Proud owner of several esteemed gaming awards, Crashlands is a must-try for anyone who enjoys manic RPG adventure games. As a galactic trucker on a mission to retrieve your packages you must fight, develop your skills, manage inventory, build bases and tame extra-terrestrial creatures. Crashlands is hands down one of the best Android emulator games. Playing it on PC with one of the above emulators only heightens the experience to cosmic levels.

We realise that humans are crippled by too much choice. That’s why we only included the top 5 emulators we think are worth downloading. Whether you’re looking to better optimize your gaming experience or audit your productivity for improvement, an emulator can help. Hopefully, this article has given you some clarity regarding which one is right for you. These are the best Android emulators for PC, so go ahead and download one of them today.

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