5 of the best MMORPGS of all time

07/01/2019     Author: Armand Richardson

It’s hard to define the best MMORPGs of all time with the sheer number of epic ones out there. But we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 you can check out today.


Oh MMORPGs (not to be confused with MMOs, RPGs or MOBAs), how we love you so.  Standing for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, this is an entire genre in its own right, and is more popular than ever. With them we have the chance to explore and traverse huge virtual fantasy worlds beyond the realms of our imagination. They generally entail avatars that are highly customizable along with along with plenty of opportunities to partake in full-fledged wars against other players.

They are the ultimate form of escapism. Therefore, we’ve created a list of the best MMORPGs across multiple platforms for you to get your hands on and waste more time than you should on them.

5 best MMORPGs of all time

World of Warcraft

Think MMORPG, and World of Warcraft springs to mind. This was one of the first and most successful games within this genre to be released and is usually the first port of call when people are looking to get into MMOs. The developers Blizzard have a range of successful games under their bet, and World of Warcrafts loyal fan base has led to the introduction of tournaments in which players can win outrageous amounts of money (we’re talking millions). There’s even rumours it will be added to the Olympics. But we’ll let you speculate on that.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS

Check out World of Warcraft here

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is a vast and epic virtual world where you can create your own character from a wide variety of races. Take part in epic quests solo or with other players online, with heaps of features for PvP and PvE gameplay. Operating in the same universe as Skyrim and previous Elder Scrolls games, this version boasts more detailed graphics and mechanics, making it a far more immersive experience overall. Which is want you want in an RPG. Additionally, speaking from experience, the Elder Scrolls community are super helpful and inviting, so one will never feel alone even as a noob.

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, MacOS

Check out Elder Scrolls Online here

The Lord of the Rings Online

If you’re a fan of the one of the most incredible adventure movie franchises of all time, you’ll love this MMORPG rendition. Set in the same universe with all the familiar characters and more, you’ll have the chance to traverse across middle earth, slaying down evil along the way. It is similar in gameplay to most other MMORPGs in this list, except that there’s no PvP mode, so you’ll be opting to team up with other players instead. They have incorporated Monster Mode however, which allows you to create a level 10 monster and pit it against other users. Good enough! It also contains some of the best MMORPG graphics we’ve seen.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS

Check out LOTR Online here


Consider Runescape the O.G of MMORPGs. Being one of the oldest, it’s truly stood the test of time and continues to be a fan favourite to this day.  All the great elements you would expect from an epic RPG are here, but instead of having a standard linear storyline to play through, you can alter the plot based on your decisions. This is a super fresh open-ended approach. It’s available on multiple platforms and is undoubtably one of the best MMORPG PC games.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linus, iOS, Android, Java

Check out Runescape here

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Every time I write a list of best games, regardless of the platform, Final Fantasy finds a way to slither in there and nestle itself between some of the greatest of all time. And for good reason. Square Enix pour so much into their games, and the end results are truly magical. Final Fantasy XIV was an initial disaster, but the rebooted online version was a huge success, with a huge open world and a ton of unreal content to keep players engaged. Final Fantasy games tend to hold intricate and epic storylines. Final Fantasy XIV Online is no exception.

Platforms: PS3, PS4, Windows, MacOS

Check out Final Fantasy XIV Online here

Download the best MMORPGs for PC and PS4

With so many vast and epic adventures to choose from in MMORPGs, this list could be a lot longer than it is. But alas, humans are crippled by having too much choice, so I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of the best MMORPGs of all time that you should get your hands on today. Let us know if you would like to see any games on this list.

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