5 Of The Best PS4 Games To Play On A Rainy Day

09/16/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Sometimes you need to immerse yourself in creative wonder to escape the vices of reality. Check out these best PS4 games to take some stress off.



There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a great adventure. Or blitzing your way through a warzone with an M16 in hand to relieve the day’s stress.

But how many of the greatest games for PS4 have you actually played?

With the PS5 soon to be released, we reach the end of an era for ol’ faithful PS4. Who’s been with us through thick and thin. So, what better way to celebrate it’s passing into the Sony hall of fame than to recall 10 of the best PS4 games to grace the console.

The games on this list will be enjoyed by some, snarled at by others. But open your hearts and minds to the possibility of something new, even if it isn’t your preferred style. If it brings something new to your PS4 experience, isn’t it worthwhile?

5 of the best PS4 games

Final Fantasy 15


With the FFVII release on the foreseeable horizon, it might be time to stay in the dream adventure theme and give Final Fantasy 15 a crack. The story revolves around Prince Noctis and his three friends as they embark on a journey of a lifetime across magical realms filled with monsters, missions and magic. The story is absolutely unique as far as Final Fantasy adventures go, meshing new technology with archaic medieval elements for a breathtaking adventure.



Chances are you’ve played Spiderman already, but if you haven’t, sprint to your nearest Game Stop and get it right now. Spiderman is probably the best PS4 game to release in 2019, and perhaps of all time. The attention to detail is second to none, and the storyline and voice acting is arguably on par with Marvel movies. Check it out.

Rise of the Tomb Raider


Forget the movie flop for a second and think back to the O.G PlayStation classic. Tomb Raider is back two decades later and Lara Craft doesn’t disappoint this time. There’s puzzles, labyrinths, combat and a compelling storyline to match. With awesome mechanics and some genuinely shocking revelations, this isn’t one to miss.

Kingdom Hearts 3


You either love it or you hate it, but there’s no denying how downright wholesome the Kingdom Hearts franchise is. Kingdom Hearts 3 brings you on a unique journey through a land filled with your favourite Disney and Sony characters the likes of Donald Duck, Goofy, BayMax, Toy Story pals and even little rat chef Ramy.

Dark Souls 3


Quite possibly the polar opposite of the dreamy Kingdom Hearts adventure, Dark Souls 3 is gruesome yet jaw dropping title that’s responsible for many imitators that came in its wake. Dark Souls 3 is a great place to start if you’re thinking about getting into the franchise for the first time.

Naturally this list could go on forever with the likes of names like Overwatch, Fallout 4, Wolfenstein II, God of War etc. You get the drift. But if you’re looking for something dreamy to immerse yourself in and take away the pain of your dull reality, the above-mentioned games are your best shot.

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