7 Best PSP Games That Stood the Test Of Time

03/12/2019     Author: Billy Gray

We finally met Nintendo’s contender when Sony’s PSP burst onto the scenes. To ensure it’s not forgotten, we’ve curated a list of the best PSP games of all time.


Looking back prior to December 12, 2014, we saw a marketplace that was dominated by Nintendo in terms of handheld consoles. It was a revelation to finally have the power of a home console on a portable device. Needless to say, the release of the PSP was a huge success. Despite the price tag and the opinion of a select few who are adamant it didn’t live up to its full potential, it still has a loyal base of fans around the world.

This is largely due to the nostalgia and novelty the device brings. The release of its successor – the PS Vita – didn’t quite garner as much admiration as the o.g PSP, but thanks to its ability to play games from the previous generation, those titles certainly won’t be forgotten.

So whether you’ve managed to nab a second-hand PSP or are rocking a new generation PS Vita and want to take a trip back in time, you’re gonna need some games to slap in that innovative little device you’ve got. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best PSP games that have stood the test of time. You may or may not have heard of some of them, but they’re guaranteed to hit you with a nostalgia for a time that’s gone but not forgotten.

7 best PSP games

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite

Created by the legendary Capcom, Monster Hunter for PSP was a bit of an underrated gem. When the PSP was first released, the ability to able to roam an open world in pursuit of dragons and monsters was pretty magical. Beyond your standard shooter, there’s something to be said for having a full-blown adventure accessible in the palm of your hands, all in stunning 3D (at the time). Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite was part of the Monster Hunter series but contained a whole lot more features, missions, equipment and of course, monsters. If you can conceptualize the entities on screen as the demons in your own mind, this game can be a fantastic stress buster and is certainly deserving to make our list of top PSP rpg games.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

There’s nothing quite like going on a rampage through the streets of any GTA game on any given day. Arguably the most popular franchise to be released for PlayStation, we were finally able to experience all the brutality and humor it had to offer on a handheld device. While Vice City Stories wasn’t quite as comprehensive as it’s predecessor, it was still a grand adventure and much more content-packed than Liberty City Stories. Ever wanted to take Grand Theft Auto on the go? Now’s your chance.


God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The God of War series is one of the most epic adventures to ever grace our screens. The developers of this game made sure not to cut any corners with the PSP release, resulting in smooth gameplay and incredible graphics for its time. One of the most satisfying elements of God of War games is the combat style, and God of War: Ghost of Sparta delivers on yet another game that’s just too addictive to put down. How they managed to contain the might of Kratos in a PSP however, is beyond me.

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

In order to save the last remaining lives of your people, you must take up arms and battle in surreal fantasy realms beyond imagination. Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is an action adventure that goes beyond the classic premise of good vs evil. Venturing out into the wilderness and barren wastelands, the fate of the last remaining stronghold Aven lies in your hands. This dark adventure is crammed to the brim with mysteries waiting to be solved. Released exclusively for PSP, the developers pulled no punches in creating an epic game that can be enjoyed solo or in multiplayer. Despite being lesser known than other titles in this list, Untold Legends has every right be on the list of PSP games that stand the test of time.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

You’ll be hard pushed to find a game franchise that will consume as many hours of your life as Final Fantasy. The beauty of any FF game is that they don’t rely on fancy graphics to create a sense of magic and awe in the player’s mind. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions may seem slow initially, but once you get to grips with what it’s all about, you’ll need a team of wild horses to tear that PSP out of your hands. Don’t let the 2D graphics fool you, this game is rich in storyline, gameplay, and visuals. We wouldn’t expect any less from one of the greatest game franchises of all time.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Snake.. Snake… Snaaaaaaake! Arguably one of the straight up coolest game franchises to ever grace our eyes and thumbs is Metal Gear Solid. And the PSP version is no exception. Many of our favorite features and elements from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain are present in Peace Walker for PSP. This is because this stuff was first developed in Peace Walker, which by default makes it not only one of the best Metal Gear games ever, but one of the best PSP games ever. Everything from the plot, gameplay, and stylization of this game oozes cool. This is definitely one to check out.

Loco Roco

Not to be mistaken for a shallow blog that only posts about epic RPG adventures, we’ve decided to add a final contender to the list – Loco Roco. Eschewing meandering plotlines and character arcs, Loco Roco can only be described as a bizarre peek into the recesses of the mind of its Japanese creator Tsutomo Kuono. While controlling the tiny orange blob on a mission to consume other tiny blobs and increase its mass exponentially, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of kawaii coupled with genuinely clever gameplay. If you’re looking for a break from slaying the baddest demons in the realm or have grown tired of constantly playing the hero in a fight for your life, you should jump on Loco Roco. If anything, it will make you question your own creative abilities as you navigate a world that treads a fine line between cute and disturbing.


The ol’ faithful PSP never really got a fair run at it by all measures. Yes, it was popular, but for the most part, it kept it’s head in the shadows, venturing out only into the open arms of those who were able to accept it for its faults. Like the mini disc system. And its clunkiness.

But despite all this, we still have a lot of time for the console that built it’s nest somewhere between the fleeting experiences of Gameboy games and the longer adventures of the PS2. And the best news is, its legacy can live on by getting your hands on some of the best PSP games of all time mentioned in this list.

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