8 Best PS Vita Games to Remember the Legendary Console

03/06/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The words PS Vita leave a bittersweet taste in our mouths. Being able to bolster close to PS3 graphics, it quickly became a staple for many gamers, earning its stripes and garnering a large, devoted base of users. It’s no easy feat to cram the power of a home console into your hands. It could have been so much. A handheld gaming device that had seemingly unlimited potential, yet it died. At the hands of it’s very creator Sony.

Both machines, despite their ambitions, were ultimately flawed. Yet the sheer innovation of them alone meant a lot of us continue to play them long after Sony announced its official termination. And in the same manner as its predecessor the PSP, Vita can live on in our hearts through its unique and wonderful games. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best PS Vita games of all time.

But don’t be expecting shooters and generic racing titles however. The real beauty of the PS Vita lies in its quirky, alternative games akin to that of a visual novel. No matter your preference, this list has something to suit your tastes.


8 Best PS Vita Games

Don’t Starve


Can you guess the aim of the game? Stuck in a strange and unforgiving wilderness, you must not starve by gathering resources. This unique 2D survival game is a fascinating take on a world filled with magic and science. Meet strange beasts, uncover weird and wonderful surprises and keep your wits about you. Don’t Starve is full of dark visuals and takes no measures to assist you in surviving. You’ll be plunged into the wilderness with no instructions or directions to start you on your way. This is a must-play.


Final Fantasy X

No ultimate games list is complete without a Final Fantasy title thrown in, regardless of whether it’s PlayStation, PSP or Vita. Tidus, the charismatic yet clumsy Blitzball player finds himself in Spira after the monster named Sin destroys his hometown. Everything about Final Fantasy X from the storyline, graphics, soundtrack and outrageous plot twists will submerge you in a world that is simply beyond imagination. Not to mention it’s an emotional rollercoaster, one that’s supremely hard to get off. Critically acclaimed, FFX is more than just a game. Be prepared to lose many hours of your life to FFX – one of the best PS Vita adventure games out there.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss

If you were expecting the full might of the original Uncharted on a handheld device, you won’t be disappointed. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is far from a hastily compressed, compromised version for the PS Vita. Stunning visuals, action and intuitive controls make this one of the closest to actual PS3 standards on the Vita. Unfortunately, it was a sore glimpse into what the PS Vita could have been, as they never really managed to match these levels of graphics after this.

Lost Dimension

If you love RPGs, this game will be right up your inter-dimensional alley. Lost Dimension is a group, turn based adventure with a twist. With each passing level, a team member betrays the pack. It’s your job to figure out who it is. Every character has different strengths and abilities in standard RPG style. But having to choose your friends and weed out your enemies makes Lost Dimension a unique and clever take on adventure RPGs.



Delivering paper letters in a papercraft world is the name of this game. Eschewing generic graphics and design, Tearaway is experimental in its approach, oozing charm and playfulness. This is one game that wouldn’t be possible without the PS Vita thanks to the integration of hardware features only found on the device. Like the touchscreen and great use of the camera to immerse you fully in the game. Tearaway really should have set the standard for PS Vita games, but due to its late release it flew under the radar for a lot of folk.


Rayman Origins

Legendary platform game Rayman came to PS Vita and certainly didn’t disappoint. Rayman games are notorious for being visually stunning and aesthetic, albeit borderline trippy, but that’s what we love about it. This game for PS Vita is as artistic as it is chaotic, and definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of platform games.


Killzone: Mercenary

No list of the best PS Vita games is complete without a first-person shooter, and Killzone: Mercenary is probably the best ones to ever grace the handheld device. Visuals, while not as stunning as its PS3 counterpart are still jaw-dropping, and gameplay is on par with previous versions of the game.


Gravity Rush

If there was any game that would make you go out and buy a PS Vita, it’s probably Gravity Rush. Herein lied the problem of PS Vita hardware sales. There were few games that were riveting enough to actually make users go out and purchase one. In this game you play as Kat, who can control gravity at will. Stunning cell-shaded visuals and a slow but engaging storyline in a steampunk environment are what you can expect from Gravity Rush.



The PSP and PS Vita may be gone, but they’re certainly not forgotten. Whether you loved it or hated it, the PS Vita was a strangely powerful yet beefy device, that seemed to lose its way amongst the sea of smartphones, touch screens and free apps that emerged on the scene. But there’s something to be said for using a good ol’ joypad and buttons while gaming, and the PS Vita delivered that.

If you’re taking your old device out of the attic or are on the market for a second hand one, choose any from this list of PS Vita games and start enjoying the magic of one of Sony’s most innovative devices.

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