Ad Blocking Brave Browser Finally Leaves Beta Mode – Full Details

11/15/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re looking for an ad blocking, tracker stopping, speedy internet browser with a sleek design and very cool concept, then Brave Browser is the one for you.


The browser was fully launched this month after spending a whopping four years in beta mode and has added some tasty features into the mix. The ad blocking browser was designed by one of the co-founders of Mozilla, who was integral in working on Firefox back in the day.

Brave Browser was launched in an effort to change the way that companies advertise online – but this wasn’t simply by blocking ads (something which the browser is unrivaled for). Brave Browser allows you to see so many ads per hour, which appear as pop up notifications in the bottom right of your screen. If you choose to click on them, then you can earn BAT – Basic Attention Tokens – which can be traded on the cryptocurrency market for real money or used to tip content creators that you admire.

In this way, Brave is seeking to create a more user-tailored and honest way of advertising, where users are rewarded for seeing ads and can share the wealth to places that actually benefit them, instead of just having all the advertising revenue flock to major companies like Google and Facebook.

A more private internet

The point of Firefox was to increase privacy, but even Google Chrome’s underdog competitor only does so much. Brave, on the other hand, blocks all trackers and ads. Every. Single. One. This is something that not even Ad Block Plus does.

Most ads online have a tracker built into them that records your identity and browsing habits. These then track you across the web, logging everything you do, watch, listen to, and more. This information is then used for various purposes – chief among which is to target ads at you, although there are other uses.

This information is technically public and can be sold – and is sold – to anyone willing to pay for it. This means that it can be used for more malicious purposes and it’s a gross violation of your privacy. Most people aren’t too happy about this, and that’s why most browsers now allow you to send requests to websites not to be tracked. The thing is, these ‘requests’ are often ignored.

Brave Browser was built to combat this unethical approach to data gathering. The company has accused Google of hiring secret trackers to further target their ads and gain more user data, and they have taken drastic steps to ensure that users aren’t tracked on their own browser.

They do this both by blocking trackers from accessing the websites that you visit, and also by blocking all ads, which generally have trackers built into them. The idea of all this is to create a browser that allows you as the user to control what you see and not be used to make someone else a profit.

Brave Browser is the most extreme attempt at turning online advertising on its head that has been done so far, and 8 million people are already on board. Now that the browser is out of beta mode, no doubt more people will begin signing up. Getting paid to browse the web? Sounds alright, doesn’t it?

Brave Browser top features       

While ad and tracker blocking is central to Brave Browser, there are other features that make this browser worth switching to. First and foremost, it’s a lot quicker than some of the other browsers out there. This is actually thanks in large part to the ad blocking.

Ads and trackers take bandwidth to run – especially ones that use a lot of animation or videos. This actually slows down your overall connection and drains your monthly data. If you’re browsing on mobile, then ads could be eating into your data plan like a hungry vulture. This is costing you money, especially if you go over your limit, and it’s just annoying.

You don’t want to see some stupid product thrown in your face and some asshole being paid to bang on about how good it is when they’ve probably never even used it. This rips the soul out of content, although a lot of content creators are actually forced to rely on it for an income.

Brave’s BAT rewards system allows you to directly tip websites and content creators that you like – and this even includes YouTubers. It’s simple, you can opt in to see one or two ads per hour in the form of notifications, and if you look at them then you get BAT tokens which you can then use to tip, or to buy gift cards for various online retailers and premium content.

Brave Browser also has a very cool design that features professional photography on the homepage, plus the amount of ads and trackers you’ve blocked over your whole time using the browser. It also shows how much time you’ve saved in loading as a result of this – another fun feature.

Built-in Tor

Tor – The Onion Router – is an extremely private browser that is most famous for being the gateway to the dark web. These are sites that you can’t usually access on traditional browsers. It’s also built around a VPN model that doesn’t allow your ISP, or anyone else, to see who you are or what you’re doing online. It’s the ultimate privacy tool and you can go into it through Brave’s incognito mode.

If you’re really concerned about your privacy, then connecting to the Tor network through Brave browser is a good way to ensure that no one can snoop on your activities. It’s a cool feature to have – although, bear in mind that your connection will slow down when using Tor.

The verdict

Brave is certainly worth installing on your laptop or mobile. It’s built on Chromium, so it will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used Chrome. The browser is quick and convenient, and you’ll love not having to see ads, as well as not having websites request that you unblock your ad blocker. Try it out now.

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