All About Android 10 – The New Operating System from Google

09/18/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The new Android 10 OS turns its back on dessert-themed names and opts instead for plain old numbers – but that’s about the only plain thing this OS is packing.


Android is renowned for naming its operating systems after sweet and delicious desserts that make you just want to devour your handset with a side of maple syrup. Okay, maybe not literally, but you get what we’re onto here, right? Now, it seems that Google has taken note of the fact that half the world doesn’t actually know what a Raspberry is, and so it was that the era of dessert-themed names for Google’s famous OS came to an end.


The new Android 10 operating system that will grace most of the world’s new handsets might have a plain sounding name, but there is no lack of sugary sweet surprises hidden within its coding. The new Android system was released on the 3rd of September, at first only on Google Pixel phones, although it is gradually going to be rolled out across the rest of the world’s Android devices in the coming months.

In this post, we’ll look at what changes have been made to Google’s new operating system and how they might be of use to you.

Where’s my dessert?

The first – and most immediately noticeable – thing about the new Android OS is its name. While customers are used to Android being named after sugary sweets and fruits, the new OS has simply gone for ‘Android 10’.

The reason for this is that most of the world doesn’t speak English and thus most of the world doesn’t actually know what any of these sugary names even mean. In fact, they just sort of make it more confusing for customers to know which version of Android does what.


The new name will hopefully go a long way to shaking off some of the confusion that may have been faced around the world by showing users exactly which version of the OS they have in the simple and relatable form of a number.

It’s one of the more fun things about Android that we’re saying goodbye to here, but there is plenty of good stuff to come, so we wouldn’t feel sad about it if we were you.

What’s new in Android 10?

Other than the boring name change, what else is new for Android 10? Well, the answer to that will probably please you. In short, there’s a lot of cool new stuff going on with the upgraded version of the OS.


Dark mode: It seems that the world of tech is only just catching on to the fact that most of us lie awake at night in a dark room while staring into the glowing abyss of our phone screens. With that in mind, it’s about time that Android offered users a system-wide dark mode to take some of the strain off of the eyes.

In fact, we’re pretty surprised that this has taken so long. It just feels like something that should have been really obvious from the get-go. Well, now you don’t have to worry about doing long-term damage to your eyes when you’re staring at a little screen for four hours a day. Simply go into the Settings and activate dark more to save your retinas from oblivion.

Gesture control: Similar to the new feature on iOS 13, Android 10 will also allow gesture control for your smartphone. This is a pretty neat new feature – albeit one that will likely take some time to properly develop. It will allow you to make gestures at your phone and then get things done. Pretty cool, ey?

Well, if it’s anything like the introduction of Cortana on Windows, then it’ll be pretty cool for like five minutes and then you’ll never use it again, but who knows, this one might actually catch on.

Privacy updates: A recent report found that the are more than 1,300 apps available for download on the Play Store which totally ignore user’s permissions granted and routinely collect personal information from them. This is a complete breach of trust and it’s something that Google is rightly correcting in the new Android 10 release.

Google is taking the recent privacy scandals of Facebook and Huawei and other tech giants very seriously, it seems. They’re aware that customers are not happy about having their data bought and sold like cattle and they’re closing privacy loopholes in the Android system as a response to this.


Bubbles: This is another cool feature that you’re likely already familiar with. Android will allow you to have tasks – like conversations – active in little bubbles on-screen which you can open to respond to when you need to. You can do this without having to fully leave your current task, which increases the likelihood that you’ll actually stick to what you’re doing.

Focus Mode: If you’re simply not good at sticking to what needs to be done and you get far too distracted by people constantly pinging you, then you can opt to enter Focus Mode. This turns off all notifications for a period of time, without you having to disconnect from the internet. It’s an ideal way of staying focused on the task at hand, without the risk of getting distracted every five minutes!

Project Mainline: This is a cool new direction for Android. It allows the OS to update critical parts of the system for security reasons without it requiring a full Android update. This means that the updates are quick and small in size, so you can comfortably do them on your data without having to connect to Wi-Fi. This means that you’re always up-to-date and always as secure as you can be.

The final verdict

Android 10 is bringing some great new features to the operating system that users will actually really appreciate and use a lot. This is one of the best Android updates we’ve seen and it is testament to the changing demands of mobile users in a more privacy and security focused market. Also, thanks for the dark mode, Google.

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