Apple Card Launched for Anyone in US – Credit Card with No Fees

08/29/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Apple has officially launched the Apple Card after weeks of beta testing in the US. Now, anyone can apply for an Apple Card and get using it in minutes.


Credit cards are one of life’s little necessities. Love them or hate them, they’re necessary for most people to get by and ensure that they can make purchases even when their balance is running low. Using a credit card is also essential to get a good credit rating – assuming that you pay the money back on time. This can then help you to take out loans such as a mortgage later on in life.


But credit cards tend to come with high interest rates and fees that put many people off using them. Not the Apple Card. This revolutionary new credit card from Apple seeks to change the way that people use their credit card by working through the Apple Wallet app.

The Wallet app allows users to track their spending more efficiently and thus avoid racking up unwanted fees. It also doesn’t require you to pay anything to set one up and can be activated in minutes online. Here’s our full look at the Apple Card, the perks of having one, and details on how you can set one up right now.

A new kind of credit card

The Apple Card is a new kind of credit card. The company has moved into the space, with initial beta testing being carried out by people across the US for the last few weeks, with the intention of shaking up the credit industry and expanding their market dominance.

Apple have launched the Apple Card in partnership with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs, and it has a neat few features which actually make it more attractive than the average credit card. What’s more, the card can now be used by anyone in the US, so long as they have an iPhone and are over the age of 18.


The Apple Card is stored on your iPhone, but you can get the physical card as well. This makes it much more convenient and ensures that you have maximum control over your finances.

Zero fees: One of the most striking benefits of using an Apple Card is that it comes with no setup or maintenance fees, nor any late or international spending fees. This means that you simply have your money and spend it, without having to worry about the bank taking their share.

Digital wallet: The Wallet app allows users to see exactly what they’re spending, which allows for more control over your finances. Apple have enough money coming in through their hardware sales, and other businesses like Apple Music and iCloud. In other words, they don’t need you to get into uncontrollable debt and owe them fees to survive as a business, they can allow you to monitor your spending responsibly so that you can make sure you’re not going overboard – as so many of us often do.

Rewards: That’s right, the Apple Card allows you to earn a little money back from select purchases. This means that when you take your next Uber ride and pay with your Apple Card. Daily Cash, as it’s called, allows you to get a 2% reward from purchases that you make through Apple Pay, as well as 3% back when you’re buying things from the Apple Store with the Apple Card and a further 1% when you use your Titanium Apple Card.


Slick card: That’s another thing – the physical Apple Card is made of metal, which looks super cool – way cooler than your other credit cards. No doubt, you’ll feel like a boss every time you pay with your shiny new Apple Card. The simple things in life, ey?

Security: Apple are often overlooked for their privacy and security policies. They’ve gotten a bad rep in the past for flaws in their hardware and for the working conditions in their assembly plants in China, but privacy is something that they’re actually extremely good at.

Apple won’t be able to see the transactions that you make on your Apple Card. No one will, in fact, apart from you. This means that you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing purchases coming back to haunt you, or just that someone else could see how much you’re spending on what.

24/7 support: Apple will provide 24 hour support, seven days per week. You simply message a contact on your phone and you can get answers to all your questions in a jiffy. No hassle, no problem.


How to apply for an Apple Card

To get your hands on a shiny metal Apple Card, simply download and open the Wallet app on your iPhone and press the + button. From here, you can apply for the Apple Card for free. Complete the initial setup and your Apple Card will be ready to use in minutes. You can also apply for the physical copy of the Apple Card, although you don’t need this to use the service.

Apple are shaking up the money game. Get involved and see how you benefit from no fees and cash rewards now!

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