Apple iPhone 12 Rumors and Leaks – More RAM and 3D Sensors

11/29/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The iPhone 12 is a long way off – it still has a year until launch – but the rumors are already coming in. Here’s what we can expect to see with the iPhone 12.


The iPhone 11 has just launched, and while the phone has gathered a ton of positive press, it does have to be said that the tech community at large was a little disappointed. Most people assumed that the iPhone 11 would be exactly what it was: an upgrade to the iPhone XS. And so it was. But some of us were secretly hoping for something a bit more exciting.

Don’t take it the wrong way – the iPhone 11 is the best phone that Apple have launched to date, and with a budget friendly price tag, it’s much more affordable than previous installments of the iPhone. When the phone was approaching launch, everyone said that the design would remain largely unchanged and that the focus would be on upgrading the camera. What we saw was exactly that.

Alongside this, everyone said that Apple would be holding off the big innovations for the iPhone 12 – and it looks increasingly like this will be the case. In this post, we’ll have a look at the rumors, leaks, and general speculations that are being made regarding the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12: What we know so far

When it comes to big tech news, the big players just can’t keep their mouths shut. Google are probably the worst offenders for this – they tweeted a picture of the Pixel 4 months before its release because they just got a little too excited. It’s great for people considering saving up for one, but it sort of takes the fun out of our job when it comes to speculating about their latest releases.

Apple aren’t much better, to be fair, although the leaks tend not to come from their official Twitter account, but rather, from a mix of interviews with designers, leaks from people on the inside, and clues left in the notes for official iOS app updates, and so on.

People are already beginning to talk about the iPhone 12 – in fact, they can’t shut up about it. It’s an exciting thing, to be fair. The word on the street so far is that then iPhone 12 is going to be an absolute game changer: new design; new camera; new internals; and probably 5G for good measure.

iPhone 12 leaks

We’ve already heard a couple of things from reputable analysts, including that the iPhone 12 standard and Pro models will come with 6GB of RAM on board. This is a solid 50% upgrade from the current 4GB of RAM in the iPhone 11 models. Apple aren’t exactly on board with the amount of RAM in their phones when compared to the competition, although they more than make up for it with their A13 Bionic chipset.

In short, the company knows what their phones need to function to the high standard that they do, but they do tend to keep quiet about the lower amount of RAM that they come with, as it can easily be used by the competition as a marketing tool against them.

With this upgrade, plus an A14 Bionic chipset, you can expect the iPhone 12 to pack a serious punch with regard to speed and processing power.

What’s more, we’ve also head that the iPhone 12 will be rocking 3D sensors in the rear cameras, providing a fair upgrade to what your phone’s snapper will be capable of.

5G ready?

After Donald Trump implored the United States to prepare for 6G (you read that right), it seems that Apple will have no choice but to catch up. Apple don’t jump on to trends. In fact, they’re more likely to set them than to jump onto what everyone else is doing.

Many phones already support 5G technology, but the iPhone has yet to join the club. The reason for this is that the technology is still expensive to implement and 5G is not supported in most cities around the US and much of the world. So, you can get a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G, but you can’t actually connect to a 5G network with it. So, yeah, there you go. Enjoy that…

By the end of 2020, the big 5G rollout will be in full swing and there will be much more support for the technology around the world. Apple will likely include a 5G iPhone 12 into their lineup as result – or even make all the 12 models 5G compatible.

iPhone 12 speculations

Apple are well-aware that they can’t just stick to the same old design as the XS – no matter how successful that design may have been. We can expect to see a new design with the iPhone 12 which will likely feature a curved screen, and possibly no notch. The notch has been such a staple of the iPhone range so far that to imagine one without it is almost hard to comprehend. It does make the phones immediately recognizable, but many other companies have ditched them in favor of punch-hole front facing cameras. Apple could follow suit, or could even step it up a notch (no pun intended) by using an in-screen camera.

No one has done this yet, but the technology is there. It would likely mean that you wouldn’t be able to use facial unlock, however, so they could also include an in-screen fingerprint scanner to compensate for this. The use of these technologies would certainly make the iPhone 12 stand out, and it would please pundits who routinely bash the company for not having been innovative enough in recent years.

The wrap-up

It’s looking like the iPhone 12 is going to be a real game-changer, and this may well be the time to upgrade from your XS, or even to switch over from Android (dun-dun-duuuuun). We know that Android users can get pretty loyalist, but then, your data is actually way more secure with Apple than it is with Google, so you might well want to consider this move.

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