Apple Releases Public Beta for iOS 13.3 – Fixes RAM/Memoji Issues

11/14/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Although iOS 13.2 was only released a short while ago, Apple has already released the next version of its operating system. Here’s what’s in store for iOS 13.3.


Apple has been on a roll with their iOS 13 updates since it was launched a couple of months ago. There have been various fixes to the operating system which have solved most of the initial issues that came with iOS 13. The initial release of the operating system was met wide widespread public approval and seemed to bring a fresh and welcome update to Apple smartphones dating back to the iPhone 6S.

That being said, the initial release of iOS 13 was also plagued with bugs for some people. These weren’t necessarily noticed among the wider population of iPhone users, but for an unlucky bunch, they were very much present – and very annoying.

Apple on an update bender

Apple was quick to fix these bugs by releasing its first update to the operating system a week ahead of schedule and just a week after the initial release of the OS. This seemed to solve most of the on-the-ground issues that users were experiencing.

A further Apple update to iOS 13 came not long after and was aimed at targeting privacy issues within the latest release of the new OS. This fix tackled the problem of some apps being able to use permissions even when users hadn’t granted them – it also fixed a bug whereby people could get around the security on your iPhone to unlock it without your consent.

These fixes obviously came as a welcome update and Apple managed to get them out quick enough that the company didn’t come under fire for privacy breaches. Say what you want about Apple’s business practices, but you cannot touch the company when it comes to protecting the privacy of their users – they’re like the anti-Google in that sense. They take user privacy extremely seriously, above all else, in fact.

iOS 13.3 – the latest update

With iOS 13.3, Apple continues down the line of perfecting their mobile operating system. This update isn’t quite as fleshy as the previous ones that we’ve seen since the operating system was first launched, but this could be seen as a good thing, as it means that there aren’t any major issues to fix right now. This latest update focusses on fixing RAM issues that were silently at work in the background and causing issues for some apps.

This kind of bug is one that users who have experienced problems will be glad for – even if they don’t know it’s been fixed by this specific update. There is nothing more annoying that paying $1,000+ for an iPhone and then not even being able to open the app that you want to play around with. It makes you wonder what the hell you just spent your money on, and in the midst of a hectic day, it can be that little nudge that pushes you over the edge and results in a shouting contest with a colleague or your partner. No one wants that. So, yeah – nice one Apple for saving jobs and relationships around the world with this latest update.

Memoji fixes

The latest iOS 13 update also fixes the somewhat annoying Memoji keyboard issue. This is where people would see the Memoji on their keyboard whenever they opened the emoji menu. It was sort of unnecessary and pretty annoying. It’s a small fix, but one that we’re glad for.

Communication limits

Another interesting feature that Apple has added to iOS 13.3 is the communication limits tool. This is something that the company mentioned some time ago now, but has only just included. The tool allows you to set limits on being able to contact certain people during certain hours. This is great for stopping your little ones from chatting to their friends when they should be working. It’s also great for making sure that you don’t call your ex at 1am on a Saturday morning…

Admittedly, the tool isn’t overly comprehensive. You could just open Facebook Messenger and contact the person through there – or Whatsapp, even. Still, if you’re someone who texts and calls a lot, then this tool will come in handy for you. On top of that, even just activating it will likely put the thought into the back of your mind that you’ve made a commitment not to get distracted (or to call certain people while intoxicated). That alone should prevent a few regrettable phone conversations.

Anything else?

Beyond what is mentioned above, iOS 13.3 is pretty much limited to bug fixes that no one is going to really notice. They’re the kind of announcements that seem to be present only to prop up the couple of features and aren’t really that exciting to anyone. That being said, these fixes do matter. It’s just that they’re not as exciting as the other stuff.

There aren’t really any major new features to speak of in this latest update to iOS 13. Apple aren’t exactly capable of rolling out groundbreaking updates every two weeks, to be fair, so we shouldn’t hold this against them. The fact that iOS 13 is being updated so frequently should be enough to impress anyone who knows their fair share about tech, plus those who don’t.

Every time Apple updates iOS, any virus or infection that your phone might have picked up on a regretful Friday night out will be deleted from the phone. What’s more, any spyware or apps that somehow haven’t come from the App Store are also deleted. In this way, Apple is able to keep iPhones more secure that their Android cousins are. This is why so many people prefer to stick with iOS over Google’s OS.

The verdict

Another update from Apple, another couple of features for your iPhone, and another cleanup of bugs and potential threats to your handset. Is there really anything more to say? These updates are all about fixing things, so they’re pretty hard to find negatives in. Enjoy!

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