Apple’s New iOS 13.1 Released Early to Fix Urgent Bugs

09/27/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Initially set for release on 30 September, iOS 13.1 has been released ahead of schedule as a result of bugs and crashes experienced in the new version of the OS.


No new release is ever without its flaws. In the case of iOS 13, we’ve already started seeing some pretty pressing glitches. This has prompted Apple to release iOS 13.1 in order to quickly fix the bugs that users have been complaining about.


The first major update to the new iOS 13 from Apple was meant to be rolled out on 30 September, but was instead released a week early after users began to complain that certain apps kept crashing and that they were experiencing frozen screens.

Fortunately, the new update of iOS 13 appears to have solved the issue. Apple’s latest major overhaul of their mobile operating system has introduced a long list of new features, including a system-wide dark mode, upgrades and mergers of Apple apps, and improved performance and battery life for all the devices that it can be installed on – right the way back to the iPhone 6S.

What was the problem with iOS 13?

No release is ever without some initial flaws. In fact, it makes sense to always wait a while before trying out a new device, technology, or apparently, operating system. Let the other users, who can’t hold their patience, be the guinea pigs.

Apple have had a lot on their plate recently with the release of the new iPhone 11, a new Mac Book, and the Apple Watch Series 5 – on top of iOS 13. The release was on a tight schedule to coincide with the release of the new iPhone 11 range and thus it was a little rushed.

There were various problems that were experienced by users after they installed iOS 13 – and some of them were quite serious.


Privacy issues: One of the main issues was that you could pick up another person’s iPhone and activate a FaceTime call, then use the Siri voiceover feature to gain access to that person’s entire contact book. While this isn’t exactly the biggest privacy breach that we’ve ever seen, it’s still a breach and it still should have been looked into before.

Another even more pertinent privacy issue that came up was the fact that when users set their privacy settings to the ‘never share location’ setting with certain apps, a glitch would later change their settings to ‘share next time.’ This is a pretty terrible violation of privacy – although clearly not intentional, it draws more attention to the fact that the iOS 13 release might have actually been more rushed than a Lethal Weapon sequel.

Apple has since address these issues and looked over other potential privacy flaws in the new iOS 13.1 update. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your personal information being made public if you’ve installed the latest update.


App crashes: Users also reported that apps like Mail were crashing. This is pretty annoying seeing as that’s one of the main Apple apps. You’d actually have thought that this one would have been noticed before the release of iOS 13, seeing as it is quite a central feature of the Apple arsenal.

The new update has, of course, ensured that this issue has been put to rest.

Siri with a hangover? Another issue that users experienced was that Siri appeared to not be on top form. The signature Apple digital assistant wouldn’t work with the CarPlay app, which caused some frustration to users, no doubt.

It appears that Siri has been given a coffee and some vitamins and is now back on track and ready to help you out with all your voice activated requests.

New features in iOS 13.1

Apple hasn’t simply fixed its issues, they’ve also added some new features to iOS 13.1 that will be sure to come in handy. The fact they’re still throwing out features shows an interesting strategy of holding back features to keep customers interested and give off the impression of continuous development.


Share ETA in Maps: If you don’t want to share your live location, then you can simply share your ETA. This is a really convenient way to keep people updated on how long you’re going to be before you arrive somewhere. If you’re running late for any reason, then Apple will send another message to the person to update them about this.

Lyrics in Apple Music: When using Apple Music, you can now sing along to your heart’s content thanks to the addition of lyrics when you’re listening to a song. This will make karaoke a possibility while you’re on the go, in the car, or on the train to work. Finally, the potential for karaoke anywhere.

This is a handy feature that is similar to Spotify’s version of the feature, only actually a little more comprehensive, as Spotify doesn’t do this for all songs and mixes it up with information about how the song was made.


AirDrop update: When sharing files to other iPhone 11 users, you can now simply point your phone in the direction of theirs and the file will send. This is pretty clever as it shows that phones are now capable of incredibly advanced location sharing to the point where they know where each other is in a room.

Shortcuts update: Making your morning routine just got easier with the Shortcuts app. You can now set automatic shortcuts that will activate at a time that you set. For example, you can set your Maps to open at 7.30am, or open Apple Music at 7.35am, and then the news at 8.10am. In this way, you can create a comprehensive morning routine that doesn’t require you to do anything.

The wrap-up

The new iOS 13.1 update has done a great job in fixing bugs and adding even more awesome features for iPhone users. It appears that Apple is sitting on lots more impressive features to be rolled out alongside future iOS updates.

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