Best Apps for Screen Sharing on iPhone and Android

10/04/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Screen sharing apps can prove to be useful to share your screen’s display. Let’s find out the best screen sharing apps for Android and iPhone.


Whether you are having a large brainstorming session, working remotely or holding a meeting, sharing your screen can provide the required support. Nowadays, many apps let you share your screen via your Android or iPhone. So, let’s have a quick look at some of them.



The app’s simple to use interface lets you access and control any devices, offer support, and join meetings. In addition, Teamviewer’s privacy feature allows you to share the applications that you want with your team members. Teamviewer comes with a pack of features. When it comes to screen sharing, you can choose to show specific programs or simply show parts of the screen. The app also supports chat, file sharing, and whiteboard functionalities. What is more, it comes with offline messaging, which is excellent for remote workers and people working on trips.



Skype is perfect as a screen sharing tool due to its calling, messaging and video calling capabilities. Its screen sharing feature lets you collaborate on tasks and projects, excellent for guarantying deadlines are met. The app lets you share your screen and send files with a group or individuals. Skype features instant chat, conversation histories, and group calls, great for conducting presentations and holding conferences. Moreover, it can also translate messages and calls to the user’s location. If you have been using skype for video calls and chats already, you can now use it for screen sharing as well.



Squad is a great sensation in the screen sharing industry. With Squad, you can fire up video chats with up to 9 people together and you can screen share at any time to share your phone’s screen rather than showing your face. Now, you can surf memes together, brainstorm status update, get consensus on Tinder swipe, trash talk about private profiles or DMs, and more. Speedy LTE along with plus size screens make screen sharing watchable. This app lets you focus on one app, instead of showing your whole screen. lets you create a wonderful meeting room and also invite other people to see your screen with small bubbles showing images of everybody in the meeting. You also get the ability to annotate your phone’s screen and highlight the items. Free to use, the app can invite 10 participants at the same time and has VoIP features as well. This free version of the app allows you to transfer files, have 4 whiteboards and share controls. is an excellent option for people who are looking for a focused screen-sharing app. You can set up meetings through the one-click broadcast button of this app. It has a great one-click work scheduling feature that allows you to set up your work in Google Calendar or Outlook.



Mimicr allows screen sharing between phones in real-time. It works like a general calling app. Voice calls and screen sharing starts by calling a contact through the address book of the app. Once the contact on the other side picks up the call, screen sharing starts. It is very interactive with the features like pause/resume, playful emojis, presenter swap and mute/unmute functions. Along with screen sharing, the app can be used to browse social media feeds or news, flip through the image galleries, do live presentations, or catch sports highlights. And with voice chat option of the app, you can speak to the recipient when you share your screen.

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