Best Blogging Platform to Use in 2020 – Start Your Blog Now

12/05/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Who doesn’t want to start a blog? It’s become a rite of passage for everyone who feels like they have something to share with the world. Some of them get big.


When it comes to blogging, it can be difficult to know where to start. There’s a lot to consider: what is my blog going to be about? What platform should I use? What layout should I use? What aftershave should I wear tomorrow night? Well, maybe not that last one…

Depending on what blog you want to write, you can choose between lots of platforms that are better suited towards different styles of blog. For example, perhaps you want to make a portfolio of your work, or you want to sell something, or maybe you just to ramble at the internet. Whatever it is that you want to blog for, you’ll be sure to find a platform that suits your needs.

The big trick then, is to figure out exactly what you want your blog to be, and then to choose a platform that best fits it. In this post, we’ll go over the best blogging platforms to use going into 2020. Have a look through them and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Blogging tips for beginners

Before we get into it, you should have a clear idea of what your blog is going to be. Try and make it something specific – for example, don’t make it about too many different things. If you can make it about DIY crafts, or food, or travel, or interviews with people in your town, then that will be a lot better than just ‘Darren’s Blog About His Life’, which, frankly, no one gives a sugar cube about.

So, choose some subject matter and then research blogs that are going with a similar theme and see what they’re doing – or not doing. This will give you some inspiration about what to do with your own blog. Also, try to make it original. Don’t just regurgitate crap that you’ve read elsewhere – people want to learn something new. Give them something they’ve never seen before.

Also, consider whether or not you’ll want to monetize your blog in the future. You might not consider this now, but somewhere down the line you may wish to add a store or something to your blog, and if this is the case, then you’ll want to make sure from the beginning that you’re using a platform that supports monetization.

Best blogging platforms in 2020

There are some blogging platforms that simply outweigh the rest – especially for beginners. It’s useful to have a blog that lends itself to those who are new to the whole thing, but at the same time, you’ll want to make sure that you can later transition your blog across to another platform, if necessary. This is because some of the simpler blogs don’t lend themselves to large blogs.


WordPress claims to power more than 30% of the internet – and this is likely the case, seeing as so many websites rely on their simple and comprehensive platform to build their sites. You can easily add widgets to accept card payments, make link buttons, and choose from thousands of templates to make your website look awesome.

There are actually two types of WordPress: .com and .org. The main difference is that .org lends itself more to professional sites that later want to be monetized, while .com is the simpler version of the platform. If you’re looking to make a blog that resembles a website, and you might consider monetizing it later on, then this is certainly a good way to go.


Google’s solution to the blogging world. Blogger was the platform that really kicked off the whole ‘blogging’ thing. Most people who were blogging ten years ago were doing it on Blogger and the platform is still one of the most accessible and easy to use out there. What’s more, you already have an account with Blogger if you have a Google account.

Blogger can make use of other Google services like Google Analytics in order to get a better idea of who is visiting your blog. This is especially useful once you start attracting a lot of followers. The platform doesn’t lend itself too well to very large blogs, however, but then, nothing is perfect and Blogger is great for beginners. Best to just worry about that later, ey?


Tumblr isn’t just well-know, it’s outright notorious. The reason for this probably has something to do with the massive amount of NSFW (not safe for work) content that was featured on the platform. Adult content is now not allowed on Tumblr anymore, but there are still hundreds of millions of blog on it.

The great thing about Tumblr is its simplicity. In a way, it’s like a social media replacement, focusing more on short, snappy content, rather than long-winded stuff. Users are encouraged to post short lines, jokes, pictures, videos, and music on the timeline. This makes for a much more personal blog overall, and is best suited for people who are just looking to have a voice online.


This is a platform aimed at professional bloggers who want something with a bit more punch to it. There isn’t any free version of Typepad – although, you can make a free trial to get you going. This platform is for those who are committed to their blog and know that it’s going to take off.

It supports CSS extensions and more so that you can make it look as cool as possible with minimal actual effort on your part.

The wrap-up

Whatever it is that you’re looking to blog about in 2020, using one of these platforms should be more than enough to get you going. Consider what you want your blog to be and then choose the appropriate one. And remember, blogging is generally a hobby/side thing, so try to have some fun with it and don’t be put off if no one follows you for two years. Many of the world’s best and biggest blogs took years to really take off – it’s the passion to keep going for free when no one is looking or listening that makes it work.

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