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05/14/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Fed up with reading negative headlines? POTUS, North Korea, people dying, people getting offended, and so on… Here’s some subreddits for more positive Reddit news.

The world isn’t always the best place to live in, but then again, the alternative is a desolate rock with no atmosphere floating somewhere in space. Reading too many headlines, however, will make you a little cynical and is likely to influence your worldview.

Thing is, the mainstream media has been losing its grip on the public for years now and newspapers have increasingly turned to sensationalizing events in order to sell more copies. The headlines that sell the most are those that capture the most attention and those are generally negative and focused on fear-mongering.

Negative Nancy

There’s no doubt that there are many things going on in the world that are worthy of fear and that are very negative, but there are many more positive things happening alongside this. If you’re just reading the headlines in the news then you’re going to focus your attention on the negative events in the world more than the positives.

There is evidence that couples reading the news every day with a rise in depression and anxiety, as well as further evidence pointing to a decline in these conditions when you stop reading it. With this in mind, we’ve provided a bunch of subreddits in this post that focus on positive news.

If you find all that a bit too drippy then we’ve also provided some raw news subreddits that compile stories from various outlets to give you a less biased perspective on current events in the world.

You see what you aim at. If a dog walks into a house of mirrors barking savagely, then all she sees is hundreds of other dogs barking back at her. If she walks into a house of mirrors with her tongue out in a happy smile, then she sees hundreds of other happy dogs smiling right back at her.

In other words, there’s good things and bad things in the world and what you focus on is ultimately what you get more of in your life. It’s not to say that you should just ignore all the crap that people spew – but it does mean that you might do well to consider letting some more positivity in.

The best news subreddits

If you’re looking for something a bit less depressingly sh*t than what the mainstream news has to offer, then here are some subreddits that focus on bringing you the more positive stories from around the world.

R/UPLIFINGNEWS: Join 14.4 million other subscribers in this subreddit that is focused on bringing you some of the more uplifting stories happening in the world right now. If you’re fed up with hearing about war, Brexit, the president’s Twitter account, and whatever other bullshit is being spun up by the tabloids, then this is the place to be.

Hear about young people doing amazing and innovative things; pensioners learning not to be bigots; and animals receiving medals for rescuing people.

R/GOODNEWS: This one has a much lower count on subscribers, but it’s good all the same. It’s basically the same as the one we’ve listed above, but you can expect to find some different stories on it. From our own observations, it seems to focus on stories that are more people specific, rather than on global events.

R/MADEMESMILE: This one comes in at more than a million subs and while it isn’t necessarily a news subreddit, it’s worthy of your time all the same. Seeing a bunch of people break into their friend’s house and attach kegs of beer to his water pipes so all the taps and showers in his house pour beer is certainly going to uplift you on a Tuesday afternoon.

We’re assuming this isn’t a real Donald Trump tweet, but then, who knows…

The ‘real’ news – but less biased

If you’re still looking to get the low-down on the major events taking place around the world, but you don’t want to be spoon fed this information by a single news outlet, then check out R/WORLDNEWS.

This subreddit combines stories form tons of different outlets, meaning that you get a much wider perspective on events taking place in the world right now. It also seems to let in more positive stories than you’re likely to find on a major news source website.

What’s more, if you’re fed up with a certain subject, then you can choose to filter it out so you don’t see it anymore. Examples of filters include Brexit, Trump, Israel-Palestine, and North Korea.

Final note

Life is full of challenges – why make things grimmer by spending the breaks you get throughout the day reading negative stories that you can’t control the outcome of. What’s more, why then go and hang out with your friends afterwards and continue talking about these negative stories?

I mean, if you really want to be effective, then choose one or two negative things in the world and make some bloody effort to change them, rather than just winge about everything bad and unfair that happens and will keep happening all the time.

Most people don’t want to hear you regurgitating all the negative rubbish that someone else wrote for you. Think for yourself. Stop being someone else’s mouthpiece. Enjoy.

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