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08/20/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re looking for the best way to get a great deal when shopping online, then download these awesome shopping apps for Android and iOS. Find the best deals here.


When it comes to online shopping, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible and that you’re using the right app for what you’re looking for. With so many options to choose from nowadays, it’s important to know what it is that you want and where best to find it.

If you’re an everyday consumer, then you can’t go wrong with the usual suspects in the online shopping game, but if you’re a business owner, then you might want to opt to buy wholesale from someone like Alibaba.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it in our list of the best online shopping apps for Android and iOS. We’ve given you our best recommendations to make sure that you can compare deals and get the best price possible for what you’re looking for.

Best online shopping apps

Our recommendations are categorized for everyday shopping, stock procurement, flights and holidays, and more. Have a read through each one and then choose the best one for you. We’ve decided not to include in our list as we feel that you’ve probably already used them and are looking for something a little more niche.

gumtree app for ios


The British headquartered buy, sell and trade platform Gumtree is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in the world. Gumtree is generally second hand stuff – although sometimes you’ll find new products, too. The idea is that users can buy and sell items, or even trade things.

Gumtree is great for many things, including selling vehicles, furniture, clothes, and even services. What’s more, you can advertise your own services on Gumtree – such as employment or requests – and have other users find you.

If you’re thinking that this sounds a little similar to eBay, then you’re on the right track – Gumtree is somewhat similar, but it has its own unique characteristics that make it a more immersive and worthwhile marketplace. You also don’t have to worry about bidding for things on Gumtree as people will generally sell for a fixed price.

etsy app for phone


Looking for something hand crafted and niche? Etsy is the place to go. The online marketplace specializes in handmade crafts and niche products. The nice marketplace also sells vintage wear and custom made products.

Etsy is certainly an app for those looking to find something unique and trendy. It’s great to kit your home out with some handmade crafts that will give it a unique sense of character. It’s also great to give your wardrobe a vintage boost.

What’s more, you can set up your own Etsy account and start selling arts and crafts if you want. This is a great way to connect yourself to a global marketplace of lovers of all things custom and cool. Becoming an Etsy seller could be the next step to take yourself out of the rat-race and pursue your passion for a living.

groupon app


For anyone looking for vouchers, cheap dinners, discount flying lessons, or anything else of the sort, Groupon is the app for you. It allows companies to offer specials and discounts for their services and it’s a great way to plan an awesome weekend on a budget.

For example, you could get a full day of spa treatment for an 80% discount, or a night for two in a fancy hotel for the price of a regular room. Groupon is a favorite for many people looking to get a great deal. The idea is that the companies that offer discounts get a little promotion from people telling their friends about the great experience that they had with them.

In this way, it becomes a kind of win-win for everyone. If you’re looking to find a great deal, then check out Groupon now!

Skyscanner for mobile

For flights: Skyscanner

If you’re looking to book a holiday soon, then don’t bother going onto individual airline websites. Instead, use Skyscanner to compare all the flights from all the airlines taking that route on all days of the year and find the cheapest option.

Skyscanner is an incredibly effective tool for making sure that you get the cheapest deal on your next holiday. You can also check for cheap deals on hotels, car rentals, and travel insurance.

The A app is easy to use – you simply put in your location and your destination and it’ll give you the cheapest flight that works for you.

AliExpress for mobile


The Chinese giant Alibaba has two marketplaces – one of them we’ll get to in a moment, and the other is AliExpress. This is like Amazon, but all the products are from China. This means that you can get products for extremely cheap prices.

Of course, cheap doesn’t always mean high quality, but with AliExpress, you can get things from the lowest quality, all the way up to premium purchases. Simply check the reviews before you purchase an item. In general, the price is a good way to gauge the quality on AliExpress.

The best thing about this app is that you can find pretty much anything you could possibly want. This includes alternatives to expensive brands. For example, you can find the same kind of watch that is sold by Daniel Wellington, just without the brand name on the face, for a fraction of the price. In that specific case, DW watches are actually made in a factory in China, so you’re likely getting the same quality watch.

alibaba on ch play


Owned by the same company as AliExpress, the Alibaba marketplace is only for registered businesses. You can use this app to buy in bulk straight from the manufacturer and skip out the middle man, saving you pointless fees in the process.

Alibaba’s business model has made them one of the biggest companies in China today. They have more or less anything you could desire, from consumer electronics to clothes to raw materials. You can buy in the hundreds or thousands of units and save money with larger orders.

Alibaba is the foreign businesses’ door into Chinese manufacturing. If you’re a business owner looking for a cheap and reliable supplier, then this is without doubt the best marketplace in the world for you to use.

The wrap-up

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, whether it is deals, meals, flights or clothes, you’ll find it on one of the aforementioned apps. You can find the best prices, the most niche products, and a world of convenience right in the palm of your hand… just try not to spend your whole month’s salary in the process!

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