Best Website Builders for Musicians – Promote Music and Bookings

01/31/2020     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re a working musician, then having a smooth and simple website is a must. This makes taking bookings and getting your music out there much easier.


When it comes to website building, most people would rather not have to learn HTML5, CSS+ and Java Script. Indeed, most of us would much rather be able to quickly and easily set up a website with a variety of features in no time, for little cost, and have it work like a charm from the get-go.

That’s where having a great website builder comes in really handy. You can get your content out there into the airwaves, and you can take bookings without any hassle. This makes your life easier and allows your potential clients to see what you’ve got without having to dig.

In short, for the working musician, a decent website is about as crucial a tool as your instrument. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best website builders that are designed specifically with musicians in mind, as well as ones that just work great for any purpose.

Best website builders for musicians

There are so many website builders out there that it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to making the final choice. It helps to do your homework and find one that is designed specifically for your needs. The website builders listed here are great for musicians, and some of them have been purpose designed specially to help you get your music out to the world. Let’s take a look…


The clue is in the name with this one. Bandzoogle is like the Google of bands. The website builder is purpose-build with musicians in mind, and it offers some fantastic features that will make promoting your music and services much easier. These include the ability to upload songs onto the site and even to arrange them into entire albums if you want.

There’s also things like a booking and contact section, and you can have users stream directly from your site. With more than 100 themes to choose from and plenty of detailed options for customization, you shouldn’t struggle to make your perfect website with Bandzoogle. Did we mention that you can sell merchandise and subscriptions through the website, as well?


While Wix isn’t actually a musician-specific website builder, it is still a great option for those looking to promote their music to the world. Wix is a kind of website builder for creative types, and this really shows in the ease of use in putting your website together, and the ability to choose from loads of great themes and bold features. Wix takes the difficulty out of website building and allows you to easily create something that looks great.

Another great thing about Wix is that it supports loads of music plug-ins and you can link it to social media really easily. This means that your content is always being shared on your social platforms and your fans are never getting left out. Certainly worth considering.

Music Glue

With more of a focus on selling tickets and merchandise, you could say that Music Glue is more aimed at the musician who wants to get straight down to business, rather than the one who wants to make a pretty, glittery website. Due to this, the platform isn’t so good for actually building your website, and you won’t find as many unique features here. If you just want to get people straight to where the green paper grows, then this is the site builder for you.

One thing that we should mention is that rather than simply taking a flat monthly fee for your site, Music Glue takes a 10% cut of everything you sell through their platform. Perhaps not the smartest business move in the long run…


One of the lesser known website builders out there, Difymusic is a simple and quick solution to getting your content out into the interwebs with minimal time and effort. The actual site editing options are pretty few and far between, but the focus here is less about aesthetics and more about getting your music out there. It relies on plug-ins like Spotify and SoundCloud, and while this might sound like a hindrance, it supports so many of them that you shouldn’t struggle at all.

If you just want something quick and easy that you can set up in a few clicks, then this is the one to go for. The basics are free, but they’ll take a 5% commission on anything that you sell through them. Not a bad deal. It’s also super easy to connect your social media accounts through the website and further get your work out there. Simples.


The simple and stripped-back blogging platform is known for having a bare-bones layout (and other bare things…). This actually makes it an ideal platform for sharing your music, photos, and updates on. You can easily connect it to your socials, and it doesn’t take more than five minutes to set the whole thing up. Tumblr is the ultimate ‘get up and go’ blogging platform and with the right formula, you can make it work for your band, too.

Tumblr allows you to upload one 10MB audio file each day, and it’s completely free to use. It also allows you to attach outside pages, such as contact forms and galleries. There are tons of themes to choose from and the site already attracts a ton of people – many of them scouting for new music.

The wrap-up

When it comes to building a website for you or your band, don’t go short. Think of it as a long term investment. Indeed, having a top-notch website can actually make your band appear much more professional and could land you a lot of gigs down the line. For this reason, you might as well shell out a few dollars for the best one for your needs. It’s worth it, trust us – we’re not musicians and don’t promote music, so we must know exactly what we’re talking about… somehow.

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