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12/20/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re looking for a life mentor, then check out these YouTube personalities who are sharing some of the most important messages for self-improvement.


In today’s world, we have access to more information than any other point in human history. We have the entire world’s knowledge, just a click away. The internet has opened up the world’s knowledge to the point where anyone can get a world-class education for free – and they don’t even have to leave their own bedroom to do it (although, you shouldn’t become a bedroom hermit).

There are few other places that have such an incredible medium for sharing information and knowledge than YouTube. The video-sharing platform is in a very unique position to provide you with mentors who can teach you in a visual/audio manner. This is obviously very important for people who learn best in this way.

How do you learn?

It’s important to know how you learn. Some people learn better by reading, while others have to map things out and color code them. Some people learn best by listening and seeing. These people are visual and audio learners. YouTube is a great tool for these people, as they can learn anything while they’re on the go – just by putting on a YouTube video in the background.

This isn’t going to work for everyone. Some people will listen to a YouTube video in the background and completely stop listening hallway through. But for some, YouTube is an excellent way to digest knowledge. These people will also benefit from audio books and podcasts in general.

Learning on YouTube

For these people, who can learn by listening, YouTube has some great seeds to offer. In fact, you might think that you struggle to learn in other ways, but these personalities on YouTube might convince you that there is another way that you’re not exploring.

Life should be a constant journey of learning. There is evidence to suggest that people who live the longest tend to be grateful for what they have and they tend to be lifelong learners. This prevents them from falling into a slump and feeling like there is no more excitement in their lives. We tend to think that we’ve already figured everything out once we hit middle age.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best YouTube personalities that you can tap into to improve your capacity for positive habits, lifelong learning, and self-improvement.

Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is the founder of Kwik Learning. He’s quick to point out that that is actually his name and he didn’t take it on as some kind of business marketing tool. Kwik had a brain injury when he was younger which meant that his development was far behind that of his peers. This forced him to explore how to make his brain learn quicker and actually retain the information that he was learning. He now has an academy, a free podcast, and a YouTube channel. He also has several books.

Jim Kwik’s videos focus on the importance of lifelong learning and habits/routines that will improve your brain function. These routines include nutrition, sleep habits, exercise, and mindsets. Through the habits that Jim lays out, you can get an idea of how to better take care of your body’s most important muscle – the brain.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your mental capacity and rediscover a love of learning, then Jim Kwik is the man to go to. Here’s some gems: you’re reading too slow and it’s making your mind wonder, when you read, be careful of your posture – if you’re slumped then you’re going to hate reading, and finally, make sure that you’re eating ‘brain foods’.

Dr. Jordan Peterson

The controversial Canadian psychology professor turned political figure has hundreds of hours’ worth of videos on YouTube, most of which are of his lectures in the University of Toronto. While Peterson’s politics might not be for everyone, his videos on psychology and the significance of symbolism in societies certainly are.

With a down-to-earth tone and a brain filled with knowledge and metaphors, Dr. Jordan Peterson’s YouTube channel will be of interest to anyone looking for a kick up the ass and a refreshingly clear perspective on the roles and duties of each of us in modern society.


This educational YouTube channel focusses on a variety of topics, including science, philosophy, and psychology. The videos are around ten-minutes long and have incredible animation to support them. They’re fun and objective, giving you a variety of opinions on subjects like nuclear energy, politics, philosophy, and everyday issues.

If you want an introduction into a new idea of concept, then this YouTube channel is a great place to start. Learning is personal development – never separate the two.


If you’re thinking about an idea, but don’t know where to start, then this guy will give you to kick up the ass. Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of VaynerX Media. He’s a specialist in creating and sharing content – but this isn’t the only thing that he’s pro at. Gary is famous for his hardcore approach to motivation and getting off your ass and doing something.

If you’re looking to get an idea of how a ‘doer’ does things – in a wrapped up ball of rude language and an utter lack of patience for laziness – then Gary is your go-to guy.

Joe Rogan Podcast

If you’re looking to hear someone speak for two or three hours and get their perspective unedited and unclogged, then the Joe Rogan podcast is the place to be. It’s the most popular podcast in the world for a reason. Joe Rogan interviews people from all walks of life, including political figures, psychologists, MMA fighters, comedians, and social figures.

This is a great way to just get to know people in the public spotlight and why they think and act the way that they do – not just with a 30 second news clip, but with a three-hour conversation that moves around in all different directions.

The wrap-up

If you’re looking to expand your own horizons, then watching some of these channels on YouTube is a great way to increase your attention and understanding about yourself. Don’t want too much, because ultimately, all of these channels will encourage you to get out and read, exercise, and DO things. But they’re a good thing to have on in the background instead of music while you’re on the way home.

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