Boost your phone’s capabilities and performance by optimizing RAM

06/27/2019     Author: Armand Richardson

Media and other clutter can make your device sluggish over time. Use any one of the RAM boosters from this list to get the most out of your Android phone.


Your Android device may not necessarily need a RAM cleaner, but it’s a good idea to have one on deck to spruce it up in times of sludgery. We use our phones on a daily basis and over time, caches and other temporary files from ads will build up, reducing battery life, performance and speed.

Luckily, being an Android owner, you have the unique privilege of being able to use third-party apps to modify and customize your device. Android cleaner apps can locate these temporary files to a decent extent and get rid of them. But, if you’re rocking a semi-new model, RAM shouldn’t be too much of a concern as newer Android models effectively optimise that. So, for this article we’ll be suggesting RAM cleaner apps for Android to clear space and hopefully speed things up a bit, without having to sacrifice any apps.


Clean Master

The ultimate too for cleaning up your device has to be Clean Master. With over 1 billion downloads on Google Play it alone, Clean Master has a variety of features that stretch beyond general file cleaning.  It has a battery saver, anti-virus and performance boosting tools specifically aimed at RAM. It will also remove all your temporary junk files while holding on to your photos and other data, and the “Charge Master” function can display your charging status in the status bar. With Clean Master, it’s a one stop shop and can be used in place of multiple apps for optimizing your Android device.


DU Speed Booster (Cache Cleaner)

This is a fantastic app for freeing up space, purging junk files and optimizing background apps, and is trusted by over 230 million users and counting. It’s one of the best Android cleaner apps in 2019 and thanks to it’s ease of use, all it takes is one touch to boost your phone for better performance. The “CPU cooler” function is awesome for detecting which apps are using up more CPU power than they should be and will terminate them for you if needed. Also, it will detect if apps aren’t used frequently and give you the option to uninstall them. While not as comprehensive as Clean Master, DU Speed Booster is a solid choice.


Go Speed

If you’re looking for an app that’s light in weight but also efficient, Go Speed aims to deliver on such promises. It’s advanced monitoring technique will stop pesky apps in their tracks if they try to keep running in the background, saving precious RAM and battery on your device. Some notable features are the floating widget for memory status, app terminator, app manager and removal of caches, junk and temporary files.


Power Clean

This neat free phone cleaner will get your beloved Android up to speed in no time, although you might have to watch an ad or two in the process. One touch and you can give your phone a deep clean and optimize the ram for better performance. At this point in the article, things get to be a little repetitive. But a notable feature o f Power Clean is the app lock. You can now keep prying eyes out of your personal business or social media accounts. It can also delete duplicate photos and analyse CPU for optimization.


Hi Security

A clever combo of antivirus, phone booster and junk cleaner rolled into one. Hi Security boasts a simple UI to display your hones stats and vitals in one place. The antivirus is impressive, and one of the best we’ve seen in cleaner app. This is another free app that’s worth getting your hands on if you can handle a few ads. App lock is integrated as well as WIFI security to reduce risk of being hacked from dodgy Wi-Fi spots. It’s also fairly efficient at cleaning junk and temporary files like most other apps on this list.


Stay safe and speedy

Downloading any one of these RAM cleaner Android apps will help you combat slow processing speeds, battery life and maybe even overheating due to CPU usage from background apps. Considering we go through so many processes on our phones with a multitude of apps, it only makes sense have scheduled purges of temporary files. Your Android acts much like your home PC in the sense that it will hold on to all sorts of temporary files from the internet after browsing, including ad files. The verdict is clear: they must go. God speed!

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