Carry On Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2

06/14/2019     Author: Billy Gray

This mod is definitely a problem solver for those who wondered why they can’t move filled chest while carrying a stack of 54 empty chests in their pockets. Carry on mod doesn’t only enhance player interaction, but it allows you to carry, place and pick up single block tiles like furnaces, droppers, chests, spawners and other machines with just your bare hands. You won’t even be needing a pickaxe or any specialty item for that matter. You can also retain metadata, states, NBT data, and inventory. This also allows you to carry smaller mobs.

Other Features:

  • It works with single block tiles, even from other mods like tech mods
  • It works well with all the entities (zero hostility mobs even in survival mode) and can be configured upon
  • The entities or tiles can be stacked on one another but it follows an order i.e. smaller ones goes on top of the larger entities
  • There’s a lock option so that no one can steal from you
  • You can carry one mob or entity at a time and you will also be barred from other interactions.


How does it work?

For Windows users

  • Shift + Right Click near any tile or mob to carry or life.
  • Right-click lets you place the tile you have carried.

Installing This Mod:

  • Minecraft Forge needs to be installed
  • The next step is to locate the Minecraft folder
  • For windows, run “%appdata%”
  • For mac, open finder, press down ALT and select Go, then from the Library open the folder Application Support where you can look for Minecraft
  • Place the mod downloaded in the Mods folder.
  • The mod should be visible after launching the game.


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