Chunk Animator Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2

06/14/2019     Author: Billy Gray

While most of the Minecraft mods focus on gameplay and are also designed to improve gameplay elements, there come some mods which are just there to enhance the aesthetic sensibilities of this game. And Chunk Animator Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2 is one of them. This mod focuses on the world-building aspect in Minecraft which often seems like it has popped out of thin air. But this mod makes it appear so that the world-building is visible through proper animation. It renders chunks of the world and makes them fall under your eyesight while forming the world.

You can choose from a bunch of different animations and each of them is quite appealing, to say the least. It enhances the overall immersive value of the game since the players can watch their world building right in front of their eyes.


  • Lots of animations to choose from
  • You can edit and customize the animation of the chunks for your world formation
  • The customization can be done through the config file that comes with the mod
  • This mod also supports the Forge’s customization menu
  • It doesn’t weigh down on the framerate, so the FPS remains undisturbed
  • After installing this, you will have the option to switch between five different modes, where you configure animation duration or even stop the chunks near from animating.
  • Since it supports the forge config menu, it gets easier to switch between different modes.


How to Install?

  • Minecraft Forge needs to be installed
  • The next step is to locate the Minecraft folder
  • For windows, run “%appdata%”
  • For mac, open finder, press down ALT and select Go, then from the Library open the folder Application Support where you can look for Minecraft
  • Place the mod downloaded in the Mods folder.
  • The mod should be visible after launching the game on the mod menu.
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