Detroit: Become Human – Blurring the Line between Game and Movie

05/15/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Quantic Dream’s latest masterpiece, Detroit: Become Human, puts you in the middle of an Android revolution. But that’s not all that’s special about this game.


As the gaming industry has developed, the challenge aspect of the titles has gradually decreased. Whereas players used to spend hours trying to perfect their moves to master a boss match, nowadays, the big moments are often in the cut-scenes and games feel increasingly like movies.

No one is pushing this harder than Quantic Dream – the developers responsible for last year’s sci-fi masterpiece Detroit: Become Human. These guys are making their games more like the movies than anyone else, with players given more of a director role than that of a typical character controller.

Their previous games have had mixed responses, but Detroit: Become Human seems to have come out relatively unscathed. The game could be said to be the product of lessons learned and feedback listened to. The game certainly looks better than pretty much anything that’s been released on the PS4 to date.

What’s special about Detroit: Become Human?

What makes this game unique is the fact that it plays out more like a movie than a game. The player gets to control the decisions that the characters make – from major plot twisting choices to small, everyday things. The player also gets to interact with tasks that their characters perform, right down to the little things like washing the dishes.

The way that players navigate the choices presented throughout the game can drastically change the outcome of the story. In some cases in can even lead to the protagonists dying halfway through the plot. Some decisions are timed, while others don’t have a time limit.

This element to the game makes playing it much more intense.

Detroit: Become Human – Plot

The plot of Detroit: Become Human takes place in a society where artificial intelligence has been realized and androids roam the streets, performing tasks that humans don’t want to do, such as cleaning and caring. In 2038, humans are becoming increasingly aware that the androids are more efficient than they could ever be. The androids are also starting to realize this.

On top of this, environmental catastrophe looms and Russia and the US are on the brink of war due to conflict over resources in the Arctic.

The plot follows three main characters, Markus – a carer who isn’t so much treated as a glorified Dyson as he is a real human being; Kara – a maid with less fortune; and Connor – a more advanced android with the mission to investigate his robot brothers and sisters who are beginning to flirt with independence.

As you might imagine, a revolution begins brewing and the main characters are thrust right into the middle of it.

The gameplay in Detroit focuses around the decisions made in the game. It also incorporates puzzle solving throughout the game. The game is more like a movie than a game, but that being said, there is still challenge to be had. The puzzles can take some time to solve and this will keep players interested throughout.

Is this the future?

Are games now going to start moving more in this direction? Probably not. For most people, a game is a game and a movie is a movie. But for some, the crossover is a welcome thing. For others, the lack of control won’t be enough to satisfy them.

Regardless, Detroit: Become Human is definitely worth your time. The cross-over between game and drama has been executed well and the storyline – while not perfect – will stick with you after you complete the game.

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