Disney Plus Launches with Epic Lineup – Star Wars, Marvel, & More

11/12/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The most direct competition to Netflix so far has launched today, and the library is boasting some serious weight. Here’s what you need to know about Disney Plus.


If you were just getting bored with your Netflix account, then you’re in luck. Disney Plus has just launched, and it’s bringing with it a stellar lineup of TV shows and movies that date back decades. Some of the best classics are present, as well as some of the biggest modern blockbusters like Marvel and Star Wars.

If you want something utterly epic to spice up your viewing experience, then Disney Plus has the perfect recipe for you – and it’s all for just $6.99/month. What’s more, there’s a seven day free trial to get you into the mix and allow you to decide whether you want to go forward with a full membership or not.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the new Disney Plus movie and TV streaming service and whether it’s worth subscribing or not. We’ll also take a look at whether you should switch over from Netflix or cable TV in order to use Disney Plus.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is the new streaming service from the world’s most famous production studio: Walt Disney Studios. The service has more or less all of the movies and TV series that Disney has produced in the last few decades. This means that you have a massive library of content at your fingertips, including all of the cartoons and fairytales that the company has released, as well as all the Marvel and Star Wars movies, and all of the content on National Geographic.

With such a diverse and large range of content to choose from, it’s no wonder that people are getting excited about Disney Plus. It’s the first real competition to Netflix that has emerged within the streaming space, and this has the whole entertainment industry up in arms.

Competition to Netflix

Not only could Disney Plus take millions of Netflix subscribers and diversify the streaming space, but it will also force Netflix and other streaming services to adapt in order to stay relevant. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has already said that he’ll be subscribing to Disney Plus and that he’s excited to see how Disney takes on streaming so that Netflix can learn from them.

This might sound like a CEO trying to remain calm under pressure, but in reality, he’s right. Netflix doesn’t actually have any real competition and this means that they don’t get to learn much from their rivals. Having a genuine competitor forces companies to try new things and learn from one another. This is something that Netflix hasn’t had the fortune of having yet. That’s changing now, and the company will be all eyes and ears on Disney Plus to see how they negotiate this new field.

Disney is making a giant sacrifice and taking a huge risk with this new streaming venture. Netflix was paying hundreds of millions of dollars to Disney in order to have their movies and shows on the streaming platform, and Disney is losing this money now that they’ve taken the content down and set up their own platform. This means that they really have to make this work, otherwise they risk losing a huge chunk of revenue for very little gain.

Is it worth switching?

The Disney Plus library is very impressive. It has the new Star Wars movie, as well as most of the Marvel movies, and tons of older classics from over the decades. Such a lineup is likely to sway millions of people in Disney’s favor. That being said, not all of these subscribers will come from Netflix. Millions of people are likely to cut their cables and ditch traditional TV platforms in favor of Disney Plus.

It’s no doubt that millions of people have been considering ditching the expensive cable TV packages that they’ve been relying on for decades. But with a major new streaming platform from a household name like Disney, many people will happily make the switch that they’ve been considering now for some time.

Still, many people will be considering whether they want to ditch Netflix in favor of Disney’s new streaming service. It’s worth trying out the seven-day free trial that Disney is offering in order to get an understanding of the content on the platform and whether you want to make the switch.

It might even be worth waiting for some time to see how Netflix reacts to Disney’s new platform. Netflix currently has more than 165 million subscribers, and they’re not going to want to give these people up without a fight. There is no doubt that the dominant streaming service will be making some changes to their platform in order to make it more attractive. They’ll also probably be pouring more money into making new content in order to ramp up their offering.

If you’re using cable TV, then this might well be the time to five it up. You can watch the news and so on with freeview TV, and there just aren’t many movies and TV shows on offer on cable TV anymore. Frankly, these companies have lost the race in the entertainment industry, and if they can’t adapt, then they will die – that’s just the nature of capitalism.

The verdict

Disney Plus is looking very cool already. The content on offer is substantial and doesn’t shy away from new blockbusters. That being said, there are also lots of older classics on the platform that will genuinely take you back to your childhood and give you some great viewing.

Ultimately, Disney Plus can be subscribed to alongside Netflix for a very small amount of money, so there isn’t much of a reason not to pay for it if you want to experience this incredible new streaming service. We’re very excited to see how the entertainment industry reacts to this new kid on the block – especially with regard to Netflix. It could push them all further than they’ve gone before, which would benefit the viewer greatly.

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