Disney Plus vs Netflix – Which Streaming Service is Better?

02/03/2020     Author: Billy Gray

When it comes to choosing the right streaming service, you want to make sure that you’ve got the best possible selection of TV shows and movies to watch.


Disney Plus is launching today, and Netflix has every reason to be a little concerned about the new arrival. Disney Plus will be showing pretty much everything the company has ever released on their new streaming platform – including all of the Star Wars movies and all of the Marvel movies. This stunning lineup risks taking subscribers away from Netflix.

Disney has risked a lot on this streaming service. The company was receiving hundreds of millions of dollars per year from Netflix so that they could stream Disney movies and TV shows, but now, it seems, Disney has its own plans.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what Disney has up their sleeve, as well as what Netflix can hope to do to complete, and ultimately, which streaming service will give you more bang for your buck.

Is Netflix about to get thrown under the bus?

At present, Netflix has more than 165 million subscribers. It’s estimated right now that it’ll take Disney five years to gain 60 – 90 million subscribers, which sounds like not much of a threat (sort of). The thing is, a lot of those subscribers will likely come from Netflix themselves. A 60 million subscriber shift is nothing to laugh about.

Still, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, seems somewhat unmoved by the whole thing. “I’ll subscribe, they’ve got great shows,” he said in a recent interview. Hastings might sound like a CEO trying not to freak out in public, but he said some other things that contest this idea – in short, he’s looking forward to seeing how another major company handles streaming, and what Netflix can ultimately learn from them.

This is interesting, because no other company has been able to emulate what Netflix is doing right now. If Disney Plus takes off, then Netflix can learn from the competition. They’re actually sounding positively excited about the whole thing.

What Hastings is saying isn’t untrue – Netflix doesn’t have the luxury of a stable competitor to work off of. Take the release of iOS 13 and Android 10, recently. Both mobile operating systems offered pretty much the exact same package in their latest updates, but they both did it in their own way. If one OS sees a good opportunity, then the other will inevitably jump on it as well. This drives them both forwards.

Netflix hasn’t changed much for quite some time, so it’ll be really interesting to see how they learn from a competitor who is all too aware that they have to do something unique in order to really stand out and win over those subscribers.

What is Disney Plus bringing to the table?

The big launch of Disney Plus really has to be astounding, otherwise it’ll simply go unnoticed. They’re doing a pretty damn good job so far. First of all, the company has put twice as many Marvel movies on the new streaming service as they said they would, which comes as a very welcome surprise.

The new streaming service has an incredibly diverse and respectable library of movies and TV shows, which it can rely on to gain a lot of subscribers in the early days of its launch. That being said, not all of these people will come from Netflix.

If anything, most of them will probably come from traditional TV subscriptions like Comcast. Traditional TV has been taking a beating in recent years, slowly but surely. But with a brand new streaming service on the table, many people will finally cut the cord and make the switch that they’ve been thinking of for some time now.

Disney Plus will bring a massive selection of movies, as well as TV shows, that date back decades. Such a library will be enough to calm people’s concerns of not having enough to watch when switching from traditional TV to streaming.

Should you switch from Netflix to Disney Plus?

If you’re thinking about switching from Netflix to Disney Plus, then the best thing that we can recommend is to wait a while first. There will be a free trial of Disney Plus to entice new users, so it’s worth considering that. Disney aren’t messing around with free trials, though – they’re only offering seven days, as opposed to the three months on offer from Netflix.

This is likely because they want to run on the excitement of their launch to get as many people on board and paying as soon as possible. Seven days should be enough to consider if you like it or not. The main reason we’d suggest waiting a bit is to see how Netflix responds. They might have a plan to make their own streaming service much more attractive in reaction to the launch of Disney Plus.

On top of this, it’s worth waiting to see just how long Disney’s library keeps people entertained. They might have some massive titles to choose from, but the chances are that you will have already seen a lot of them.

If this is the case, then you’re not going to be overwhelmed by their service, and it might be better to wait for them to flesh it out a bit more before making the switch. If you don’t have either service, then you can probably afford the $6.99 / month that Disney Plus costs, and then you can just do a three month Netflix free trial and see which one you prefer. Alternatively, you could just pay for both services. They’re not exactly bank-breaking.

The wrap-up

Netflix and Disney Plus both have formidable libraries of content to sift through, and both companies are multi-billion dollar production houses that are constantly churning out new movies. Of course, Disney has the advantage of making much bigger movies, but then, Netflix does come out with some great content on a pretty regular basis.

If you’re stuck between the two of them, then we’d simply suggest using the free trials and seeing which one will keep you entertained for longer. Enjoy!

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