Everything You Need to Know About the Raspberry Pi 4

05/16/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The Raspberry Pi 4 isn’t going to be released until at least 2020, but there’s already a fair bit of talk about the feature set that it’s likely to have.


The Raspberry Pi was one of the most innovative inventions to come out of British computer (aside from the computer itself). The little device is a portable computer that costs just $35 and can support a number of external devices such as monitors and keyboards.

The Raspberry Pi was initially designed to make computing more available in schools and in developing countries where higher-spec hardware isn’t as readily available. No one at the company expected what would happen after its release.

After hitting the shelves in 2012, the Raspberry Pi went on to become one of the most sold British computers, with 19 million units being shipped as of 2018. The company was initially expecting to sell a few thousand units.

Computing for the world – 4.0

The mission of the Raspberry Pi Foundation is to spread the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all around the world. This is computing without borders, colors, language, or any other hurdle. Put plainly, Raspberry Pi is like a power-giving tech revolution for the developing world, allowing low-income households to possess computing power and even learn to code.

The potential for creativity and innovation to flourish from this is huge and it has helped countless people make a living from their passion. The Raspberry Pi 4 will keep the $35 price tag while possessing upgraded features and processing capabilities.

This is the reason that it won’t be hitting shelves this year. Currently, the tech needed to put the Raspberry Pi 4 together is too expensive to be used on a mass scale at the moment. That being said, it’s likely that we’ll see it in 2020.

What’s in the Raspberry Pi 4?

The Raspberry Pi 4 will upgrade the existing features of the Pi 3 and bring users more processing power and memory. It will definitely be called the Raspberry Pi 4 – the company has no intention of jumping on the Vista bandwagon. The company can also confirm that they’ll be keeping the $35 price tag – something which the Pi is renowned for.

IMPROVED SPEED: Of course, you can look forward to increased processing speeds, more RAM (at least 2 GB, possibly more), and at least a USB 3.1, if not better.  The Raspberry Pi 4 will also feature improved network connection speeds, making it an all-round improvement over the Pi 3.

SMALLER PROCESS NODE: The Raspberry Pi 4 will have to feature a smaller process node than the current 40nm CPU. As the Pi 4 will feature a larger ARM core, it becomes necessary to make a smaller process node. This makes the Pi more expensive at present – hence why it’s not coming out this year.

The new process node will likely be a 28nm CPU – or maybe even a 7nm one. The latter of the two could very well make the Raspberry Pi 4 too expensive and thus it’s more likely that the former will be used.

SAME SIZE: The Pi 4 will won’t be bigger than the Pi 3B+ so users can still carry this portable piece of tech wizardry around easily.

USB TYPE C: It’s also very likely that the Raspberry Pi 4 will use the USB type-C, at least for charging purposes. This type carries more electricity than the USB type-B and would make it more convenient.

Final note

The Raspberry Pi 4 continues a legacy of empowering millions of people around the world by spreading cheap and effective technology. The Pi 4 will satisfy users familiar with the computer, as well as those using it for the first time.

While there is still a long time to wait, we’re already excited about the launch of this awesome product. Keep your eyes on the news.

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