Facebook to Launch a VR World for You to Spend Your Time in

10/02/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re looking to spend more of your time in VR, then Facebook is doing its best to give you the option to do so with Facebook Horizon – a VR world just for you.


The world of VR is taking off at an unprecedented rate and every major tech developer is jumping on the bandwagon. Facebook is no exception, and their new Facebook Horizon service will bring VR to the masses in a way that will allow you to explore, create, and hang out with your friends in your own virtual world.


Imagine Ready Player One, just set in a social world where you can paint, fly, build things and hang out with your friends all day long. The service was announced recently in San Francisco and will likely launch some time in 2020.

In today’s post, we’ll look over what to expect from Facebook Horizon, including when it’ll be available, how you can use it, and what we’re expecting to be able to do in this new VR world.

What is Facebook Horizon?

Facebook recently announced that it will be launching a social platform built inside a virtual reality (VR) world. You’ll be able to access it through Facebook by wearing a VR headset. This VR world will allow you to create your own avatar and then hang out with your friends by interacting with their avatars like real people.


You’ll be able to explore the VR world with your friends as if you were on a day out in the city. It’s a massive step forward in the world of social media and this represents the first time that any social media company has tried to do this.

If you’re old enough to remember Habbo Hotel, then this will be something similar – just hopefully not as weird as that was. According to Facebook, there will be a large focus on creation tools, allowing users to build things in their virtual world – similar to the mechanics of Minecraft.

Seeing as Minecraft is now the most widely-sold game of all time, it actually makes a lot of sense to replicate certain aspects of it in this new Facebook VR world. That’s exactly what it looks like Facebook Inc. is doing.

Users will supposedly be able to paint things, create structures, and no doubt play games and solve puzzles with their friends. On top of this, you’ll be able to talk to the avatars of your friends. This is an interesting way of connecting people together and completely changes the dynamic of social media – likely returning an element of human interaction to it, rather than just having it as a Faceless void.

Another obvious consequence of this development is that sales for VR headsets are going to skyrocket, which will in-turn convince more developers to create new apps and games in VR and subsequently boost the new technology into high-gear. This will mean that we’ll have more VR fun in line for us, which could change the whole face of gaming and entertainment…

What will you be able to do in Facebook Horizon?

Facebook Horizon will allow you to communicate with your friends in a whole new way. You’ll be able to hang out with avatars in a world that you can manipulate and build on to your heart’s content. It’s a massive step up from regular social media and online communication.


Facebook has already shown us that we’ll be able to paint pictures, explore the world with our friends, and play games. Realistically, the potential is endless and it’s likely that we’ll be able to do much more than a few simple things – especially once this gets updated and further developed.

One really cool thing about this is that it’ll likely draw more people into communicating on social media through voice rather than text messaging. This could actually bring people back into the realm of real-time communication, even if people have massive headsets on while doing it.

One thing is for sure, you’ll be able to spend a lot of your time playing around in the Horizon space. As if we didn’t already spend enough time on Facebook – you might even be able to look at people’s photos and watch videos in VR, which would further develop how we use social media.

How to use Facebook Horizon

To use Facebook Horizon, you’ll need to purchase a VR headset. These are available to buy online and there are now quite a lot of them. They’re still not overly advanced and some of them look pretty ridiculous, but there are a couple that stand out from the rest.


The Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift are the two headsets that Facebook has announced it will be launching on. The problem is that they’re pretty expensive, costing a few hundred dollars and even up more $1,000+ for a full kit and a top-end headset.

The price will likely go down as the technology becomes more widespread and available, but Facebook will have to launch the Horizon service on these headsets, too. Of course, they wouldn’t turn down having more users and more of that sweet, sweet user data, would they?

Once you’ve got a headset, you’ll be able to use the service when it launches next year – giving you plenty of time to save.

The more minute details of this new VR world haven’t been released yet, so we can’t give you a full-blown breakdown on what you’ll be able to do with it and how to fully make the most of it. We’re keeping an eye on the news and developments with a keen eye, though.

The wrap-up

The consequences of the launch of Facebook Horizon will be huge. It will kick the world of VR into high gear and attract a lot more users to the technology. This, in turn, will attract more developers to the technology, as they’ll see more potential to make money and reach large audiences with cutting-edge new apps and games. Here’s to 2020…

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