Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is Live – New Map, New Game

10/23/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’ve been sat there staring at a black hole for the last 48 hours, then you’re not alone. Fortnite Chapter 2 is now here and ready to download and play.


Fortnite turned into a black hole and the world stood still. Parent’s everywhere rejoiced as they thought, for a brief moment, that they’d be getting their children delivered back to them by Epic Games. Rumors spread that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had bought the game with the sole aim of deleting it to save the world’s youth from ‘eternal virginity’ – his words, not ours.

For a brief moment, some of the more gullible among you honestly believed that this was The End. A Doors soundtrack would have been fitting. But the rest of us were well aware – in no small part because we’d already seen the leaked launch notes for the next season – that this was merely the beginning of a new chapter for Fortnite.

In fact, a new chapter is exactly what it turned out to be. While most of us were expecting to see Fortnite Season 11, what we actually got was Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1. It’s a relevant and exciting title for the game’s massive makeover.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what Epic Games has done with the new version of their money-making hit.

What’s new in Fortnite Chapter 2?

There have been some major changes in Fortnite Chapter 2. First and foremost is the one that we were all expecting: a new map. This is something that was made evident when it appeared in the pre-launch notes that there were 13 new locations – way more than we’re used to seeing in the map upgrades.

The new map came, and my, oh my, is it something to behold. It’s actually very different and totally changes the dynamic of gameplay. It’s mountainous, it’s full of water, and you’ll need to employ a different set of tactics to play in it effectively.

Necessary change

This was such a needed thing to do. The old map was cool but… ten seasons, come on, it was time for change. Epic Games has delivered the change that we all wanted and needed to actually stay interested in the bloody game. It might be an awesome thing, but two years of any game will get boring if there aren’t major updates and the occasional facelift.

Epic Games looked at what other companies like Respawn were doing with Apex Legends – changing the map after just three seasons – and decided that the time had come to remake Fortnite. Players have been dwindling and, in turn, Epic Games’ pockets were being emptied. The change will no doubt bring millions of players back to Fortnite after their short vacation elsewhere.

New tactics

The new map has lots of watery areas, which means that you now have to factor in a totally different style of play when in game. You can now swim and dive, which means that you interact with the environment around you very differently than before now. The changes don’t stop there, though. Epic Games has completely removed land vehicles from the map and replaced them with power boats which you can now use to traverse the lakes and rivers in the new map.

The new amphibious focus of the map will change the way that players interact with their surroundings and will open up the doors to a new style of gameplay that will certainly keep things entertaining while also pulling back players who had stopped playing the game.

That isn’t the only pulling that’ll be going on in Chapter 2 of Fortnite, either. You now have access to a fishing rod which you can use to catch and drag other players around. This is great for pulling them out of cover and into firing range. It’s also good for getting your friends out of trouble. And just for fishing, which you can do to increase your HP or find new weapons, which are, naturally, in the bottom of a lake.

You can also carry other players over your back, which is also useful for carrying allies out of the heat of battle, but can also be used on your enemies – did we mention that you can throw them off of cliffs?

New visuals

The new version of Fortnite really does feel like a completely new game, and this is in no small part due to the new visuals, which are greatly upgraded over the old ones. The game now looks graphically enhanced, while still keeping the cartoonish style that makes it so popular with the hundreds of millions of people that play it.

Everything just looks more refined, and it sort of feels like things have really matured in Chapter 2. It’s like Fortnite is growing up and becoming something that it strove to be before but couldn’t quite reach. Epic Games have done an incredible job of delivering something new and original that doesn’t fall into the ‘crappy sequels’ list – it’s like Alien and Aliens.

Less weapons, more streamlined

Epic Games have also reduced the amount of guns available to use. They’ve kept all the essentials like the assault rifle and the crossbow, and gotten rid of most of the obscure and random ones. This is probably so that they can start to gradually introduce new ones in the successive seasons of Chapter 2, but it’s also pretty refreshing to kind of start things over a little and go back to basics.

The verdict

Overall, Epic Games have absolutely blown it out of the water with Chapter 2 of Fortnite. The game feels like it’s got a totally new lease of life and millions of players will no doubt come back to play it in its glorious new form. With new graphics, a new map, a new style of gameplay, and the ability to throw your mate off a cliff, it’s looking to be a really fun few months of Fortnite for the world’s gaming community.

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