Geometry Dash

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Download Geometry Dash to push your skills to the limit while you flip, fly, and jump your way through spiky obstacles and dangerous paths.

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PublisherRobTop Games
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PriceVaries with device

Crucial Information About the Game

Geometry Dash is a video game series consisting of five series. The game was developed by Robert Topala, a Sweden-based developer who is also known as Robtop. Geometry Dash was then published by his company, the RobTop Games.

The game is now available on different platforms following its release. Its first release was in 2013, and this was for iOS and Android platforms. Geometry Dash was later released for other devices in 2014, including Windows devices, and macOS.

This game is an amazing and interesting rhythm-based platforming game that offers competitive and fun-filled gameplay. There are currently 21 official levels in the game, and it features a level creation system. This system has over 60 million levels online, all of which are made by players.

It is important to note that there all the official levels have unique features, including background music. Other features it boasts of include user-generated content like online leaderboards, custom levels, multiple game modes, and customizable player icons.

The player’s main objective in this game is to control a cube/ball/block, or a UFO through different levels. This should be done, and players must not crash into any trap until they reach the end of each level. You’ll have to start from the beginning if you hit any obstacle, which is why movement should be done carefully.

What’s amazing about this game is that it is competitive, with difficulty increasing as the game progresses. Timing is of the essence in this game, implying that players must jump or more when the time is right.

As mentioned above, there are 21 official levels in the complete version of the game. It is important to note that there are three secret coins on each level, and they are to be collected.

There are several other amazing features of this game. This includes the impressive soundtrack, its simple controls, the interesting challenges, colorful graphics, and wonderful animations.

Development of the Game

According to Robtob, the game started as a project that could move in any direction. The game was initially designed for computers, after which attempts were made to make it available for mobile devices. It took about four months for the game to be created and made available of Play Store and App Store.

There were initially only seven levels after the release of the game, together with six other levels added in updates. It did not take much time before the game gained global popularity, particularly in Canada. Geometry Dash was also the most paid iPhone app in June 2014.

Challenging Gameplay

Geometry Dash utilizes keyboard, touchscreen, controller, or mouse in controlling the vehicles to react to player’s jump action. However, the control used completely depends on the device or platform you are using. It is majorly touchscreen for Android and iOS devices and mouse, keyboard, or controller for Windows and macOS.

Therefore, the jump function can be used by pressing the mouse, the spacebar on keyboard, the screen of touchscreen devices. However, players must note that they cannot control the movement speed of the icon.

The rhythm, as well as the timing of the in-game music, is a very important part of the game. Every player must play the game to the end without crashing into any obstacle. Crashing into an obstacle would require the player to start from the beginning again.

One of the amazing things about the gameplay is that characters can take up to seven different forms. These forms show different behavior with each interaction in the game.

Another thing to note about the game is that 18 of the 21 levels are unlocked from the beginning. The three secret coins collected at each level is to unlock the last three levels of the game. Rewards are also granted upon the successful completion of a level.

In Geometry Dash, the levels have different difficulties, as well as stars to be won. It’s important to note that the levels can be played in any order, and achievements can be earned by players. These achievements can also be exchanged for rewards.

The in-game currency of Geometry Dash is called mana orbs, and this can be spent in a shop. Mana orbs are collected after each level is completed. There is also a practice mode for every level. The importance of this practice mode is that players can start at checkpoints rather than the beginning after a crash.

The practice mode is an amazing feature, but you can’t officially complete a level in this mode. However, you can win rewards through the practice mode.
Geometry Dash is a bag of amazing features. Another amazing feature is that players can download and upload user-created levels.


The soundtrack of Geometry Dash is by different artists, including DJ-Nate, DJVI, ForeverBound, Waterflame, Dex Arson, Morgan David King, and F-777. Apart from the official songs of the game, there are also Newgrounds music portals.

However, the developer included an approval system to monitor the music that can be used in the game. This is because most users tend to abuse the portal by uploading different songs to be used in Geometry Dash.

Where to Get the Game

There’s so much to behold about the game, and you can start by downloading it on your device. Visit the following site if you want to download the game:

• Android ($1.99):

• Apple Gadgets ($1.99):

• Windows ($1.99):


Download Geometry Dash now if you want to enjoy a rhythm-action platforming game like no other. You’ll also enjoy different levels, all of which have unique soundtracks. Play the game and earn rewards and achievements.

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