Google Go App Launched Around the World – Lightweight Google App

08/21/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Google Go is a stripped back version of the search app that is perfect for phones with low storage and for when you have a shoddy internet connection.


Google services are essential to the average Android user. With everything from Gmail to Google Photos to Google Translate under their umbrella, you’d be a miss to not find something useful in the Google apps. But these apps do take up their fair share of storage on your device.

What’s more, they also consume quite a lot of data to run and this can affect your bill at the end of the month. The Google Chrome browser is particularly notorious for this. But what if there was a way to use Google Search without having to worry about your low-performing phone not being able to handle it?


Well, now there is. Google Go is a stripped back version of the Google Search app that includes all the essential features, while getting rid of unnecessary add ons that consume more data. With Google Go, you can search for queries, images, GIFs and more.

This is just the beginning of what Google Go can do as well – the app also features instant translation and can read text aloud to help those with reading difficulties. It’s like a whole bunch of Google services in one lightweight app that you can rely on when you have a poor connection.

Go, Go, Google Go

The Google Go app was actually launched in 2017 in Brazil, and was subsequently released in several developing countries where a proper connection to the internet was hard to come by and people generally use low-performance smartphones.

The app became something of a hit – similar to how Facebook Lite took off when the social media giant made their own lightweight app for developing economies. Put simply, a lot of people around the world can’t afford a phone rocking a Snapdragon 855 chipset, and those same people generally can’t just connect to 4G whenever they like, either.


For emerging markets that are rapidly gaining connectivity, having a Google App that can meet people’s needs without requiring lots of space on their smartphone is an essential step for the search engine giant.

With Google Go, people can access the search engine, plus instant translation services that could be essential for understanding local laws and customs – especially in countries like India where the local language can change in a matter of miles!

The Google Go app uses 40% less data on average than the regular Google Search app which means that you can search quicker and you don’t have to worry about consuming as much data (emerging economies generally have weak data plans and this means that overusing data can be a real issue that results in a hefty bill).

Google Go can also be used to keep up with trending topics in news, entertainment, fashion, and tech to name a few. This is a convenient way of keeping up to date without having to download separate apps to find this information.

The ‘Make Google Read It’ feature is also incredibly useful for people with reading difficulties – another common problem in emerging economies. With this feature, you can simply highlight the text and Google Go will read it out to you. This essentially means that anyone can have access to all the information on the web (assuming they’re not deaf and blind).

Emerging markets and Google Go

It’s worth noting that countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and China are now rapidly emerging markets where smartphone sales are through the roof. Android is the dominant OS in these countries (as it is everywhere else, but here particularly so) and people tend to buy cheaper smartphones with low storage capabilities and slow processing speeds.


While companies like Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO, and Huawei are entering these markets with cheap handsets that actually pack decent storage and RAM, internet connection still remains a problem, with these countries often facing speed and connection problems that mean heavy-duty apps are painful to use.

Google Go is just the latest in a string of major apps that now have a ‘lite’ version. This is a real benefit to the billions of people with low hardware capabilities and dodgy connection, but it can also be used by people in developed economies as well. Who wouldn’t want an app that saves data at the end of the month?

If you’re someone who consumes a lot of data, the Google Go is something that you can use to cut back. In doing so, you won’t have to stop using services that you really enjoy (such as streaming YouTube videos while you’re on the go) but instead you can save data on the essential ‘foundations’ like your search engine, your social media apps, and even your messenger apps.

Top features of Google Go

Now that you’ve got an idea of what Google Go is and why you might consider using it, let’s go over the top features that you’ll find with the app.

Search engine: Like the Google Search app, you can find anything you need on the web by simply performing a Google search on Google Go. It’s just as simple as it always was.

Translate: You can use your camera to take a picture of text and then have it translated into your language. This is really useful when you’re abroad and it can actually save you a lot of hassle – say from parking your car in the wrong spot or even being warned not to enter a dangerous area.

Read aloud: If you struggle with reading, then Google Go is ideal for you. You can simply highlight the text you want to read and Google Go will read it out to you. This means that anyone can access the information out there on the web.


Voice search: You don’t need to worry about typing when you want to search for something – just use your voice to tell Google Go what to do and it’ll search for you.

Stay up to date: Make sure you’re up to date with all the latest trending topics in news, entertainment, fashions, sport, tech, music, and much more. Google Go has trending topics that you can flick through to make sure that you’re always up to date and can keep up with the chat.

Switch languages: Want to use your second language with Google Go? No problem. You can easily and quickly switch between different languages with Google Go meaning that if you’re not feeling confident with an article in English, then simply switch it over to your native tongue without any hassle!

Lightweight: Of course, what really makes Google Go stand out is the fact that it only takes up 7MB of data on your device’s internal storage. This means that regardless of how little space you have left, you can always rely on Google Go to work like a charm.


The wrap-up

Whether you’re looking to get a Google Search app that takes up less space and uses less data, or whether you just want to try a multi-purpose app from Google that is convenient and easy to use, Google Go is certainly worth a shot. You can now download Google Go anywhere in the world for free on the Play Store. Enjoy!

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