Gravestone Mod

06/14/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Unlike other mods, this one is a little too morbid. This mod puts a gravestone at the place of player deaths. This mod also creates a cemetery in some villages along with a wither catacomb. With that, a huge catacomb or a stronghold like structure appears which warrants you with loots and even a boss at the end of it


  • The gravestones are literally the main component of this mod, generated after the player dies.
  • These gravestones carry all your items which also be customized, information regarding your death and the days you have spent on living in that world.
  • Each gravestone is made of different materials and is chosen quite randomly, but the material will be chosen based on the biome you are in and the level as well.
  • If you are killed by magical beings, your gravestone will look like it’s enchanted.
  • Gravestones can also be generated for dogs, pets, villagers too. These graves will have a corpse of that killed creature which can also be resurrected at the altar.
  • To get an item from the gravestone, you would need to break it.

How to install it?

  • Minecraft Forge needs to be installed
  • The next step is to locate the Minecraft folder
  • For windows, run “%appdata%”
  • For mac, open finder, press down ALT and select Go, then from the Library open the folder Application Support where you can look for Minecraft
  • Place the mod downloaded in the Mods folder.
  • The mod should be visible after launching the game on the mod menu.


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