How to Build Your Instagram Followers without Cheating

11/18/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Looking to build your business, brand, portfolio, or personal profile on Instagram? Then here are some simple tips to follow to help you get bigger in no time.


When it comes to building your Instagram page, there are tons of people out there claiming that they hold the secret to building tens of thousands of followers – if only you give them a couple hundred bucks. You don’t need to pay someone to get more followers on Instagram, there are plenty of simple tips to making it work in a more organic way.

You don’t need to buy followers – they’re not worth the money. Those people aren’t going to buy your product of really follow your content. They’re just there to bump up your numbers. Some people do this just so that they have higher followers and then can convince companies to pay them to promote their products and so on. This does actually work to some extent, but then, once those companies see that advertising with you isn’t producing actual sales, they’ll stop paying you. It’s dishonest and not worth the trouble.

If you’re looking to gain more followers who’ll actually engage with you, then here are some tips on how to build your page in a way that will attract a genuine following.

How to build followers on Instagram

When you’re setting up your Instagram page, it’s important to know what it’s actually for. Is it to sell a product? Is it to sell yourself? Or is it just to share content that you find interesting? There are some ways that you can quickly build a following, but you need to make sure it’s sustainable. If you’re gaining followers by posting half naked photos of yourself, and then you later turn around and try to sell flowers to these people, then that probably isn’t going to work.

It’s much better to be consistent. This means that you need to go in with a plan and make sure that you’re sticking to it. This might mean that you’ll need to set up a different page to promote your product or service, and then have your own separate personal profile – which you could then use to promote your business page.

Consistency is key

Once you’ve established your own page, you’ll need to maintain a consistent approach to it. This doesn’t mean that you need to post the same kind of content all the time. In fact, this is a bad thing. You should mix it up and keep giving people different flavors to try – but the important thing is not to fall off the face of the earth while doing it. If you post twice a day, then make sure you always do that – even if it means going down to the street corner and interviewing some random person. Keep getting content out there and people will come. If you don’t make the content then why would anyone ever follow you?

Do your homework

Make sure you know what you’re doing. If you’re promoting yourself as a wildlife photographer, then research the best tags to attach to your posts to get the attention of people who follow wildlife photography. Find the biggest pages on Instagram, repost their content to get their attention, target their followers with tags, post relevant content, follow the trends, while being unique.


Tags are the easiest way to get the attention of thousands of people at once. People do actually search for tags – and if you’re not tagging your content, then you’re literally not going to go anywhere. How the hell can you expect ANYONE to find you if you’re not giving them any way to do so? Tagging is extremely important, and you should be doing it on all of your posts.

Here’s a tip for people who don’t like clogging up their posts with tags: write them all out, the copy them, post the picture and then paste the tags in a comment. It’ll still show up as genuine tags but it won’t make your post look messy. Tag locations as well.

Engage with your followers

Make competitions, ask questions, engage and reply to your followers. People like to be involved and they’ll respect your page a lot more if you actually reply to them when they DM you or comment on one of your photos. Keep the people entertained and they’ll thank you for it with their attention and loyalty.

Be original

Try to actually have an original idea, rather than just being an ‘influencer’. Make content that people don’t have access to yet. What is that? Find it. There must be something that you have even a vague interest in that no one else is doing. And if there isn’t, then find something and learn it – you can even make your page about learning it and then develop it from there.

People don’t like to see you pretending to be someone that you’re not, they want to see you become who you actually are. This does mean that you’re going to piss some people off, but that’s fine, you’re not here to please everyone. Always remember that if there are people who don’t like what you’re doing, then you must be doing something right. As you develop and grow, some people might tell you that you’ve sold out, but people change and grow – just follow your own thing.

The wrap-up

As you’ve seen, it really is the real sh*t that gets the followers in. Produce content constantly and don’t be put off if people aren’t responding to it for a while – but also try new things and test how people respond to that. Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t fret if it takes two years before anything interesting happens.

These things don’t happen overnight, so you’ll have to be patient – or consider that you might be doing something wrong. Get advice from different people, follow a variety of pages with diverse content, and learn from your mistakes. Most of all, keep your chin up and your eyes fixed on your goal. Good luck.

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