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Download the latest version of GTA Vice City and quickly become a famous name in the gangster world. The excellent plot, the fantastic gameplay with gang fights, addictive missions,... You'll get everything you've been waiting for in this mobile treasure.

Analyze the GTA Vice City


Following the release from the prison, Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA Vice City, commences the game. The more you play this thrilling game, the more you will get to know about it, and thus you can never feel bored from it. Here is a brief overview of GTA Vice City, from its characters and missions to the sound and its features.

Development and Structure of GTA Vice City

Developed in the year 2002, the Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North. Since the release of GTA III, it is the first main entry. The storyline of this game revolves around the fictional Vice City, based on Miami. The lead fictional character of this game is a mighty man called ‘Tommy Vercetti.’

Since the game relates to many real-world events and people in Miami, it will make you feel as if you are living in a world of Vice City for real. The game is highly relatable to Cuban, Haitian, 1980’s cracker epidemic, and the dominance of glam metal. The player plays as a third person, but still, you can instantly feel connected to this game. There are vehicles that a player can use to move around the City. As a player, you will never feel as if you are moving in one place over and over again because there are two islands to explore.

Releasing Of GTA Vice City


GTA Vice City release for Play Station2 took place in October 2002, for Microsoft Windows in May 2003 and for Xbox in October 2003. Further, the game has a long list of awards. In 2002 it received the title of best-selling video game and sold 17.5 million copies. Not just this, it also won the Game of Year awards from several gaming publications.

Features of GTA Vice City

Better Graphics, Sound, and Lighting

The popularity of GTA Vice City among gamers is enough to tell about the fantastic game. It gives the user an experience that has a more significant impact on their minds. The primary reason why anyone would like to play a game repeatedly is because of its unique features.

This GTA Vice City has impressive graphics that make you feel as if Vice City is real-world. It has a better visual impact on players; also, it beautifies and defines the character well. Further, the soundtrack of this series is just amazing. More than half of the gamers play this game to enjoy music along with gaming. It has 8,000 recorded dialogues, which is way more than any other series.

Moreover, the fantastic lighting of this game is like a cherry on top of the cake. It helps the player to identify, whether its day time or night time.


More significant Area to Roam with Vehicles

Unlike GTA III, this series has a vast land to navigate through the motorbikes and other vehicles. One can never feel like they are wandering around one pace only.

Terrific Streaming Technology

As a GTA Vice City user, you will rarely face the problem of slow streaming, while executing the missions. The amazing streaming technology of Grand Theft Auto Vice City enables a gamer to run the game smoothly.

Tips and Tricks to Play

  • Join strong and powerful alliances
  • Ensure not to ride a spawned car, if cops are around
  • Do not drive the car that is on fire, because it is going to explode soon

Missions of the Game


  • Gang Mission
  • Asset Mission
  • Payphone Missions
  • Sparrow Missions
  • Off-Road Missions

Popular Characters of GTA Vice City

Tommy Vercetti

He is the protagonist of the game, and the player has to play GTA Vice City, as Tommy Vercetti. He went to prison multiple times for many cases of murder. After killing many men on a mission, he gained the title of ‘The Harwood Butcher.’ At the end of the game, Tommy emerged as a potent person in Vice City.

Sonny Forelli

The Don of Forelli Crime Family and Italian-American syndicate of the Liberty City Mafia, Sonny Forelli, is a strong character of GTA Vice City. Sonny was the person behind the success of Tommy Vercetti as a famous Butcher. But later, he was shot dead by Tommy in a gunfight.

Ken Rosenberg

The corrupted lawyer of the Vice City and the most loyal friend of Tommy Vercetti is Ken Rosenberg. The character is somewhat similar to the role of David Kleinfeld in the movie Carlito’s Way.

Where and how to get the game?

  • For PC ($6. 38) -
  • For Android ($4.99) -
  • For iOS ($4.99) -
  • Conclusion


    The year’s long journey of GTA Vice City is fantastic, and it gained many loyal gamers, who would cherish this game forever.

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