How To Download Minecraft To Your Ios And Android Mobile

Download the latest Minecraft version today to easily jump into the world-largest sandbox game and freely create your dream building, castle, or anything else. Flying around, utilise all the incredible features from the game to make fun from being an e-builder!

Steps to follow for downloading the Minecraft game


Step 1 - You will first need to install an application to play this game. For this, you will have to visit one of these websites below:

  • For PC ($29.99) -
  • For Android ($7.49) -
  • For iOS ($6.99) -
  • If you have already purchased the game then click the third option.

    Step 2 - After clicking the last option you will be redirected to another page. On this page you will see a link for Minecraft.msi or Minecraft.exe if you're using a Windows PC.


    If you're on a Mac, then click on the "Show all platforms" and choose the most appropriate option you see.

    Step 3 - As you select the options, the download of the launcher will immediately start. After the download is over, run the file. The installation process will start. Let the launcher be installed.

    Step 4 - After installing the launcher, open the launcher. It should start up itself immediately after the launch, if not then you can start it by opening the file from the directory.

    Congratulations you have successfully downloaded the launcher and you're one step closer to playing your favorite game!


    Step 5 - When the launcher opens, you will see a screen asking for login information. To play the game, you will have to register as a new user. Click the 'register' button. It will open a widow in your default browser. This window will take you to the Mojang website.

    You will have to create a new account through this website. For creating an account you will need an email id and a password. The email id should be valid since you will receive a validation email as a part of the registration process. You need to set a strong password so that your account cannot be misused by others.

    Step 6 - After creating an account with Mojang, you need to go back to the launcher. You will need to login with your credentials through the launcher. After you login, you will that additional files of the games are being downloaded. You will need an internet connection to login so that your login credentials can be verified with Minecraft servers.

    Step 7 - After logging in, you can either play the full version of the game which is a paid one. Alternatively, you can play the game for free temporarily through the demo version.

    To play the demo version, click on the large 'play demo' button at the bottom of the page. This will lead to the page of the game. The launcher will close. Click on 'Play Demo world' button which is on the game page.

    Now you will be able to play the game! Although keep in mind that the demo version is only 100 minutes long, and after that you will have to pay to play the full game.


    There are various features of the game like Minecraft mod, location etc. One of them being the Minecraft skin, and it allows users to change their appearance in the game. Mine craft skins can be downloaded from the official Minecraft site or other third party websites.

    Another interesting feature of the game is Minecraft maps. Minecraft maps are custom created popular words saved within the Minecraft game. You can download the Minecraft maps from the official Minecraft website. The maps which you download will most likely be archived within a .zip or .rar file. You will need to extract the files in this archive into your Minecraft folder so that Minecraft can detect the maps. To do this you will need a convertor which extracts such files. For Windows, you can use 7-Zip which is a free application. For Mac users, there is an inbuilt 'archive utility' through which you can extract the files. Before, extracting the files you will need to find your Minecraft saves folder so that you can save the files in this folder. To find the folder open the Minecraft launcher, then click on 'launch options'. Locate 'game directory'. Your saves folder will be here. You can now save the extracted files here.


    Although, downloading Minecraft feels like a daunting process, this article will act as a comprehensive guide to help you play your favorite game!

    At the moment, Minecraft version for Mobile, which is Minecraft Pocket Edition, is not free to play yet. You can try free version of it - Minecraft Lite, it's only supported for old Android and IOS, so you may need to backup your device to old OS version to play the game. Otherwise, you have to pay for an amount of 6.99$ for the game. But believe us, it's totally worth the paid!

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