How To Find Out Who Is Unfollowing You On Instagram

08/30/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Wondering why the number of your Instagram followers keep going down? Read this article to know who is unfollowing you on Instagram.


As a social media platform, Instagram can be quite addictive. Based on your posts, profile type and content-you may have garnered a lot of followers on the platform. However, not all followers on Instagram can be retained forever. This brings up the question- who has unfollowed you! It is possible to find out who has stopped following you on the platform and there are a few methods for that. You will not be able to know that from the Instagram profile directly but there are workarounds!


The Manual Method to Check out Instagram Followers

In fact, there is a manual method to check out who has unflawed you on Instagram! You have to take note of your user count-to start with. Once you find out the follower count has diminished, you can check out the “Following” lists of such users to figure out if they have unfollowed you or not. Of course, this is going to be both tedious and time-intensive. That is why it is prudent to use third-party tools that simplify the task for you.


Things to Know About Third-Party Apps That Let You Check People Unfollowing You on Instagram

There are quite a number of third party apps using which you can figure out the un-followers on Instagram. However, not all apps have the same efficacy. Some of these apps do not work as promised simply because they are deterred by the changes made to the Instagram API. One important thing is these apps can track Instagram followers from the time you install them. If you lost followers prior to the installation of such apps, they won’t be able to get that information!

Another thing you need to remember is most of these apps are not Instagram authorized and so the element of security risk is there.


Apps That Are Worth a Shot

In spite of the limitations and indirect risks, you can still try out a few apps to find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram.

  • Follow Meter for Instagram – It offers you useful insights on your popularity on Instagram. You get to know about unfollowers, ghost followers and secret admirers. It has Android and iOS versions and logging in using your Instagram account is necessary to sue its features. The users think this app copes well with Instagram API changes over the years.
  • Followers Tracker Pro -The name may make you think, it is a paid app but it is not so. Yes, there are in-app buying options but you can use it and download for free. The UI is well laid out. Apart from checking out new followers, lost followers, unfollowers -you can also see the deleted comments and likes. This iOS app gets frequent updates.
  • Follow Cop – This app is meant for Android users. Follow Cop makes it easy for you to check out the Instagram unfollowers, top likers, and ghost followers, etc. Using this tracker app, you will be able to manage your followers better than what you can do with the Instagram app. It is also possible to find the fake followers and the best thing is you can connect 3 Instagram profiles with this app.

Of course, there are some other apps like Followers & Unfollowers and Followmeter that you can check out. However, remember these apps may not work consistently forever.

Summing It Up

When you find out some of your Instagram followers have unfollowed you, you may just shrug and move on. However, for businesses, it is a different story. For brands, retaining the followers is important and they may resort to various marketing strategies to win back lost followers!

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