How to Grow Your Brand on Instagram without Paying – Top Tips

12/18/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re trying to build a business or personal profile on Instagram, then you’ll need to follow some pro tips to ensure that you’re actually growing your brand.


When it comes to building a brand on Instagram, there are a few very important factors to consider. If you manage to build up a ton of followers on the platform, then you could potentially launch products into the market and have them sell instantly. People know this, and thus you can find all too many programs online that claim to hold the secret to getting a thousand followers per day.

Not all of these programs are BS. That being said, most of them are expensive, and none of them are free. There are some pretty simple tricks which you can use, however, to build up your brand without having to resort to spending hundreds of dollars on courses online.

In this post, we’ll outline some top tips for growing your Instagram so that you can amass enough followers to put together a reputable online brand. If you follow them closely, then you should have a more prosperous account in no time.

How to build a brand on Instagram

When it comes to building a brand on Instagram, it’s essential to know which direction you’re going in from the beginning. This will prevent you from running around like a headless chicken later on down the line. If you’re going to execute a prolonged Instagram campaign to promote yourself or your brand, then you’ll need a plan of action that includes the kind of content you’re going to post, where you’re going to post it (feed or story), how often you’re going to post, and what kind of theme you’re going to use.

Make a plan

You’ll have to know what your Instagram page is for. A great example is the startup Dollar Shave Club. The company delivers cheap but effective razors and shaving butter to your door on a monthly basis, but the company’s Instagram feed is made up of grooming tips, rather than pictures of their product. In this way, they keep their audience genuinely interested in their content over a long period of time.

Another example is Vincero. This is a watch company that sells luxury-looking fashion watches for an affordable price – the idea here is that they aren’t the absolute best quality, but they look incredible. The company’s Instagram page consists of their products modelled on various people in a variety of settings. It gives you an idea of what their watches look like when worn in everyday situations. This is obviously different to Dollar Shave Club, but both strategies are well-placed for the type of product that they’re selling.

Think: what am I selling? Even if you’re not literally selling a product, what is it that you’re trying to sell about yourself? You think this all the time when you’re building your social media profiles, anyway – oftentimes without even thinking about it.

So, sit down for a few days and think about what it is that you want to sell and what would be the best way to put it across to your target audience. This is the most important first step. To fail to plan is to plan to fail.

Make a theme

Once you’ve got your direction down on paper, think about your actual visual theme. Instagram is a visual platform, so it’s important to consider what kind of photos you want to upload – professional or amateur? Advertisements or everyday shots? An overlying color theme through the whole feed, or each photo being different? These are important things to consider.

Have you ever gone onto someone’s Instagram and seen that their entire page is built up of white and red colours, or green and yellow, or blue and black? The consistency is immediately eye-catching and suggests that there has been a deliberate attempt to build a brand and that this person must have something worth seeing.

Be consistent with content

How often are you going to post? Every day – how many times? Stick to it. If you’re going to post one photo on your feed every day, that’s great – but remember, you can get away with posting 20 pictures in your story, especially if they actually work together as a story.

One great thing to do is show a little behind the scenes. If you’re building a brand and a product, then people are interested, but if they’re going to buy it and still follow you, then they want to see your story.


They want to see how the product is made from the human side – they want to see someone making an entrepreneurial success of themselves. This is something that people want to see a lot more than the production line – the person themselves.

If you can’t think of any content to post, then simply go out on the street and find someone on a corner and interview them about their thoughts on your product – or the category of product that it fits into, or even just their city and something that they’ve been wanting to get off their chest that no one else is listening to.

Use them hashtags

One of the best ways to get your content out there – especially in the early days – is by using hashtags. Using these will gain you access to a much wider audience who is actually looking for your kind of content. It also helps to have your own branded hashtag – just for you and your page. You can use this every time you post so that people get to know it.

You can also tag other pages – larger pages – but only when relevant so that you’re not just name calling. If you take a great shot of your coffee while it’s being roasted, then tag a couple of the mid-size coffee businesses in your city or town and challenge them to get a better photo. Have fun with it. Enjoy and good luck!

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