How to Set-Up YouTube for Lifelong Learning – Be Productive

10/18/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re looking to get more productive and learn more every day, then setting up your YouTube for learning will help you a great deal. Here’s how to do it.


Neurogenesis and neuroplasticity mean that you can create new brain cells and new neuron-connections until the day you die. That means that until you die, you can continue to expand your brain and unlock new pathways. Have you ever felt like when you go to a completely foreign city, you feel like your brain is constantly awake and taking everything in? This is because these things are new – you’re exploring and in doing so you’re actually awakening new pathways in your brain.

This means that lifelong learning is not only beneficial, but it can also improve your brain health over time. By constantly learning, you actually improve your chances of living a longer and healthier life. This has been proven. People who live the longest generally say that they have done so by being grateful for what they have and they have continued learning their whole lives.

Lifelong learning will give you a healthier life and it will make your everyday experience more beneficial and enjoyable. Seeing as you already spend so much time on social media, you might as well set up these platforms so that they will aid you in your lifelong learning. This is how to set up your YouTube for learning.

YouTube for New learnings

YouTube is a great platform, if you use it correctly. There is a lot of rubbish on the video platform, and if you’re not careful, then you might end up falling down a ‘YouTube Hole’. This is where you watch one ‘Most Awkward Moments of All Time’ video, and then two hours later realize that you’re not only still watching these videos, but the videos themselves have now gotten really weird and you’re starting to wonder about the mind state of humanity as a whole. Try to avoid this, it doesn’t have any practical benefit and you know already that when you do this you feel awful – physically and mentally.

Here’s how to set up your YouTube app so that you’re always primed for learning.

Follow educational channels

First thing is first, if you want your YouTube platform to really be set up for learning, then you’ll need to actually follow some educational channels. It will also help to unfollow distracting channels. That means no more cat videos. Try to follow educational podcasts, as well as educational channels that aren’t too subjective.

Good examples are people like Jim Kwik – who specializes in how to learn faster. The Research Channel is another good one that focusses on scientists giving presentations. Schools like MIT also have channels – you can search various schools to see if they’re present on YouTube. Crash Course is great for younger users, while Kurzgesagt is another great one that uses animation to keep your attention. TED talks are also great for learning new information and seeing common things from a new perspective.

There are other channels like the School of Life that focus on philosophy – although, it should be noted that this channel is accused of having some bias. Then again, everything is biased, right?

Follow interesting podcasts

Podcasts are a great alternative to listening to music on the way to work or while you’re working out. Good examples are people like Joe Rogan, who focus on long and unedited conversations with people in influential positions, including scientists, philosophers, fighters, comedians, musicians, and much more. Listening to successful people is interesting because you realize that they’re just everyday humans like you – and you get to see how they think and how they got to where they are today.

You can learn a lot about yourself by relating to other people in different positions in society.

Delete the distractions (and the comments section)

It’s not all just about putting educational channels on your YouTube account – it’s also about deleting the crap. There are so many silly channels on YouTube, and if you’ve had a YouTube account for a few years, then you’re probably following a load of rubbish. It’s time to get rid of those distractions.

Delete the channels on your account that aren’t educational so that their videos don’t keep popping up. Get rid of the political stuff, get rid of the cat junk, and ditch the conspiracy channels. It’s time to get rid of all the things that aren’t giving you new information. Commentary on current issues isn’t worth watching – you can learn about new concepts and ideas and then make your own commentary, you don’t need someone sitting there telling you how to think, so get rid of that.

One more thing to ditch is the comments section. How many times do you go onto a video and scroll right down to the comments section to see who is firing off? If you’ve ever done that, then that’s already one time too many. Don’t look at it and hide it if you can. It’s utterly worthless.

Don’t just stick to YouTube…

Ultimately, watching educational videos on YouTube is obviously good, but then reading books about those subjects you want to learn about is infinitely better. With a book, you can get decades of a person’s experience condensed into a book and handed to you for you to digest. Of course, educational videos help, but setting up your YouTube for learning should be a way to make something you’ll inevitably look at be more useful for you, but this shouldn’t be the default way that you learn new things.

Find something you’re interested in, get a lo-down on YouTube, and then read a book about it. Perhaps you feel like you don’t like reading, in that case, watch Jim Kwik on YouTube – he specializes in how reading helps you and he’s great and teaching you how to be a quicker and more focused reader – and how to actually enjoy reading.

Lifelong learning is one of the most important things that you can do to live a long and healthier life. Let’s begin that journey today – you’ll feel incredible for doing so.

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