How to Take Screenshots in Steam Games and on while working on PC

07/16/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Screenshots are a great way to capture those intense moments during gaming, or to save something you’re reading for future reference. Here’s how to take them on PC.


Sometimes the simplest things can fly over the heads of most people. Screenshots are a one-button process for the most part – but then, if you don’t know what that button is then you’ll just end up bashing away at your keyboard like an angry flamingo.

Screenshots are a great way to save something you’re working on for later. You can also save the most action-packed moments from gaming, or the most scenic landscapes that you find your character exploring.

If you’re looking to build a collection of visually stunning photos from your gaming experiences, or if you just need to capture some pages to put into a new document, then here’s how to take screenshots on PC.

How to take a screenshot on PC

To take a screenshot on your Windows PC, simply press the print screen button. This is generally abbreviated as prt sc. On some computers, you might need to hold the Windows button and Prt Sc at the same time. Some others require Alt and Prt Sc.

ON MAC: To take a screenshot on a Mac, simply press Shift-Command-4.


Now that you’ve taken your screenshot, you’re probably wondering how on earth to find it on your computer. They don’t save in a camera roll, rather, you can now paste your screenshots into another document, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Notepad, or various other formats.

You can also set up your Dropbox account so that it stores your screenshots as photos. This is a great way to take them with you wherever you go by having them sync across any device simply by logging in to your Dropbox account.

You can always save your screenshots in a document and then edit them later to change them over to a picture format.

How to take screenshots on Steam?

For you gamers out there, this is probably the burning question on your mind. If you’re not someone who takes screenshots regularly, then you might quickly find yourself taking on the practice. Capturing the most beautiful scenes in a game can produce some incredible results that you can later use as wallpapers, or to send to friends and see who can make the best shots.

To take screenshots in Steam games, simply press F12 while in the game and you shot will be saved in an album in Steam – simply go to View in the top panel and then choose Screenshots. From here, you can share them with the Steam community, or share them on Reddit, or just behold them yourself in all their greatness.

When taking screenshots, remember that they often work best if you minimize any displays around the screen. This way you get an uninterrupted shot of your game, as if it were a scene from a movie.

Final note

We hope that this post was useful to you. Keep on sharing your gaming screenshots with the Steam community so that other players can enjoy them. If you want to know more about tech and gaming related trends, then keep an eye on our posts!

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