How to Take the Perfect Photo on Android – Top Photo Tips

02/14/2020     Author: Billy Gray

When it comes to taking the best possible photos on your Android device, there are a few pro tips that you can follow to get the best possible results.


Taking the perfect photo on Android is a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. With a few pro tips and a couple of useful apps, you can easily start taking excellent photos on your Android device. Whether you’re shooting to upload on social media, or just trying to capture some decent memories, these tips for shooting with your Android camera will give you the edge and will improve your photos a great deal.

Obviously, the kind of camera you have on your phone will influence the kinds of pictures that you can take. Still, even a low megapixel camera on a dated phone can snap some glorious photos with the right lighting, angle, and filter.

In this post, we’ll go over some top tips that you can use regardless of what camera you have on your phone. Follow them and we guarantee your photos will look better.

Top tips for Android photography

Getting the perfect photo requires a lot of variables to be in the right place at the right time. This means that you need to either set your shot up right – or get very lucky. Setting up the right shot is not just something that you leave to the pros. If you want to take a great picture with your Android device, then a little prep will go a long way.

Clean your lens

This tip is so painfully obvious – yet so many people have never thought to give their camera lens a wipe before taking a photo with it. Obviously, the quality of your photo will be much lower if you’ve got your grubby fingerprints all over the lens. Think how often you touch the camera when taking your phone out of your pocket. Each time you do that, you’re ruining the quality of your photos before you’ve even taken them. Make sure that you use something soft like a t-shirt to wipe the lens in order to avoid scratching it.

Get the lighting right

A photo is only as good as the lighting when it was shot. Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when you’re taking any photo on any device. Even a well-lit shoe will look impressive if you get the right angle. Make sure that your subject is lit up (or be creative with it), if your photo is too dark, then it probably won’t look any good. Natural light sources are an easy way to make your photos look a lot better – try to get your subject lit up, but you could also use the light to throw the photo off and make some cool results.

Use the rule of thirds – or don’t

The rule of thirds is the idea that a subject should take up only around a third of the photo, towards one side of the shot. By activating the grid view on your camera app settings, you can position your subject towards one side of the shot and use this rule. This is an old trick, and many photographers are fed up with it. But to be fair, it generally does look good and it’s an easy way to up you photo game if you’re a beginner.

Play with angles

Don’t always shoot a straight photo. You can get all sorts of unexpected results by changing the angle that you shoot from. Sometimes, this means finding a pattern that you had no idea was there, or just getting a much more kooky result. The same old angles will get boring after a while, so don’t shy away from playing around with it.

Use leading lines

Another old trick, leading lines can be used to draw attention to a certain part of the photo. They could be railway lines leading into a person, or telephone cables leading into your subject. Your eyes naturally pick up on leading lines and follow them, and you can use this to lead your viewer into your subject. It can have excellent results.

Download a filter app

It doesn’t always have to be 100% natural. Sometimes, using a filter on your photo will give you an unexpected result that you had no idea was there. Use this to your advantage. There are plenty of good filter apps out there like VSCO, Snapseed, or even just Instagram. Pick one that has what you need and get to work on making your photos look great.

We recommend that you try the free version of VSCO, which will give you around a dozen preset filters, and then if you’re impressed, go for the $30 annual subscription, which gives you access to other 180+ filters. These are all designed to emulate film photos, and they’re subtle enough to not give away that a filter has been used.

Use HDR mode

Most smartphone cameras come with HDR mode. What this mode does is essentially make the colors in your photos more pronounced. High Dynamic Range allows for more luminosity and makes your photos stand out more after you’ve shot them. It’s usually located in either the Settings menu, or at the top or bottom of your default camera app on Android.

Consider upgrading your phone

At the end of the day, a better camera will tend to produce better photos. If you’re still using an old ass Samsung with a single 8MP shooter, then don’t be surprised if your photos suck. You could always consider mid-range handsets like the Google Pixel 3, which are famed for taking some of the best photos of any smartphone. There are also the budget Chinese smartphones like the Redmi series, which feature 48MP cameras but only cost around $200. Do some research and wait for the sales.

The wrap-up

Taking the perfect photo isn’t just about having the right camera, but that will make a difference. Follow these tips and we’re sure that your photos will improve in no time – regardless of what camera you have on your smartphone.

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