How To Track Pizza Hut Order – Simple Steps

08/17/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Pizza Hut order tracker is a useful and simple app using which you can check the status of your order and location of the delivery person. It can be used from Smartphone and email.


Nowadays, people want facilities and amenities as fast as possible, served at their doorstep- at their preferred time! The hectic pace of life, pressure of multitasking and emergence of technological benefits has prompted such trends and expectations in the mass. It is not without reasons grocery and food delivery services have become so popular. Pizza Hut is one such fast-food delivery service which serves delicious pizza and side dishes at outlets and the company also offers online order booking for doorstep delivery. It is popular not only for the discounts and yummy pizzas but also for offering convenient tools like order tracker.

A convenient tool for the customers and company: Pizza hut order tracker

The Pizza Hut order tracker is a tool that makes ordering pizza and tracking the delivery progress easier for the customers. The tool is also handy for the delivery guys and they feel less pressurized. From the minute you place the order online using the Pizza Hut smartphone app, the tracker is activated and you can check it to get an idea about expected delivery time and distance of the delivery person from your location.

How to use the pizza Hut delivery tracker

The tracker will update you at three junctures.

  1. When the outlet receives the order from you.
  2. When the pizza is prepared by the outlet.
  3. When the delivery person sets out for your location.

Basically, there are 2 ways to use the Pizza hut delivery tracker tool.  You can use the smartphone app or resort to using your email to access the tracker. Both methods can be used by a person who is not much tech-savvy.

Method 1: Using a Smartphone app

  • At first, open the Pizza hut app and then tap on delivery. Select the dish and type in the delivery address and phone number.
  • You can choose to pay by credit, debit card or other available payment options.
  • Now, tap on order and the order will be placed at your chosen Pizza hut outlet.
  • The app will now take you to the delivery tracker automatically after the order is confirmed by the outlet.
  • Now, you will get a real-time update on the status of your order and after the delivery persons begin his journey- the exact location.
  • Even if you quit the tracker at any point, you can re-launch the app and check it again.

Method 2: Using the email

When you place an order at any Pizza Hut outlet, you are required to provide email and phone number. The email can also be used to check the tracking.

You can open the mailbox using a PC or the Smartphone email app after placing an order online. Locate the Pizza Hut order confirmation email. This email is sent to you the moment your order gets finalized by the outlet.

Tap the email to check the content in it. In that email, you will see a button for the delivery tracker. Click on the button. It is an icon with a delivery vehicle inside the red circle. This will redirect you to the web browser on the PC or app in a Smartphone. You will see the delivery status.

So, both the methods are useful for checking the status of your Pizza Hut order. The order tracker is pretty simple and self-explanatory. It updates you without manual intervention and you can figure out the approx time for delivery.

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