How to Use ZabaSearch to Find People and Verify Phone Numbers

08/02/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Looking for someone’s address? Or maybe someone called you and you want to find out who it was. ZabaSearch is the leading website for finding people online.


ZabaSearch is like a crash course on how creepy the internet can be at times. It allows you to enter the name of any US citizen and find their address and phone number. The function is easy and works for pretty much everyone. You’ll be surprised. Of course, the best way to check this out is to search for your own name (only if you live in the US).

While finding someone online nowadays is much easier thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, these old-school people search sites like Zaba are still doing the rounds and they’re still as effective as they ever were. It’s like having a phone book in the 1990’s. Everyone was in the phone book and everyone is on Zaba – the online phone book.

What is ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch specializes in digging up public information on people from across the web. It’s worth noting first of all that Zaba doesn’t actually keep any of its own records – all of the information that it collects is already publically available on the web. This means that no one is selling Zaba your data – it’s simply floating around all over the place already because you’ve spent the last decade recklessly flaunting it.

So, you don’t have to worry about Zaba going through your bins at night to collect your identity. They’re more like the municipal waste treatment service, collecting everyone’s trash and color-coding it into relevant piles so that it can be easily sorted through by you later on.

Zaba isn’t just limited to looking up people’s address and phone number, either. You can also use the site to find lots more information about people or places.


While all of the features on Zaba are free to use, some of the ‘premium’ features require you to log in to the site via your Facebook. Of course, logging in to an information hording website through your personal Facebook could potentially put your personal data into many people’s hands so many people wouldn’t be comfortable doing this. That being said, what goes around comes around, ey?

How can you use Zaba?

There are quite a few ways that you can make use of ZabaSearch. First of all, you can use the basic search function to search for someone’s name and find their address and phone number in the process. This is the most common use of Zaba and it allows you to locate people in all 50 states of the US. This is useful if you’re trying to send a package to someone, verify an address, or terminate the leader of the human resistance before he’s born.

REVERSE PHONE LOOKUP: You can also use Zaba to check out who’s been calling you. How often do you receive phone calls from random numbers and not pick them up in case it’s just someone trying to sell you something… or someone trying to get back in touch with you. Or just someone, full stop.

All you have to do is enter the phone number that’s calling you into the search box and you’ll have the identity of whoever it is that’s calling you. This is a great way to identify when someone is spamming you, or even just to find out who’s calling before you commit to answering the phone.

SEARCH IP ADDRESS: You can also find out the location of a specific IP address simply by searching it (as if there was a better advertisement for installing a VPN than this). Finding people has never been easier.

SEARCH BY ZIP: Someone send you something and you’re wondering who it is? You can also search by ZIP code to find out who lives where. This is a useful function that will certainly come in handy.

How does ZabaSearch get its (your) information

You might be wondering how Zaba manages to get hold of all this information. Simply put, it’s already floating around the web and Zaba simply gathers it all together and gives it to whoever wants it. The site does this by searching through social media profiles, yellow pages, white pages, property records, marketing materials, voter registration forms, and more.

When you really sit down and think about it, there’s tons of information about you out there. We haven’t even mentioned the extremely detailed profiles that online trackers build on you. There’s no indication that Zaba uses these profiles to gather data on people (after all, this data costs a fair bit of money), but then, who knows. The point is that all that data is out there.

If you don’t want to appear on sites like Zaba, then you should stop filling in forms online, use a secure VPN, and delete yourself from all social media sites. Good luck doing all of that and still functioning in the 21st century. Public information is widespread and getting yourself off the system requires just that… taking yourself outside of the system and living in a cabin in the woods (which will probably still be registered with the local council and thus will still appear on Zaba).

Final note

If you can’t find someone on social media, or you need to search an address, phone number, IP address, or you just really want to know who’s living on the top of the hill, then ZabaSearch is the ideal tool to help you in your quest for information.

The site has gained some obvious controversy due to how much can be found out about a person from using it. That being said, all of this information is out there, ZabaSearch just makes it really easy to gather together and use.

Try it out today for all your people searching needs. One last thing: Zaba is a great way to measure your own online privacy – if you can’t find any information on yourself, then you’re doing a very good job of keeping your information private. Try it out, and good luck.

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