Instagram Story Size – Improve Your Posts with These Tips

06/25/2019     Author: Armand Richardson

In this guide, we show you how to optimize your Instagram story photo size and upload with the right dimensions for best results. Time to step up your Insta game!


Do you need more Instagram followers? Perhaps it’s high time you started to post better photos and stories. It all begins with high-quality content folks. Stretching beyond just megapixels, filters and “kawaii” AR stickers.

In photography, borders and composition play an integral part in overall aesthetics so it makes sense that you need to learn up on some basic skills for better uploads. Instagram is very specific when it comes size requirements and dimensions. I’ve tested and researched all of Instagram’s image dimensions requirements to help you make the most of your account and start adding more value through better content today.

Let’s start by running through all the different possible uploads areas for Instagram. Consider this the ultimate Insta cheat sheet and use it for the best Instagram photo sizes.

Instagram Profile Photo Size

Which image should be your first concern? Your profile picture of course. It’s the first thing anyone will see upon landing on your humble page. It’s your attention grabber that allows them to decide in a split second whether your page is worth checking out or not.

Make sure it’s up to scratch. For Instagram profile photos, the picture itself is around 110×110 pixels in size. I advise using a slightly larger image size however, of 180×180 pixels to make sure it’s easily viewed on many different devices.

Note: You’ll need a semi decent bio to match that glorious new profile pic. It’s the next port of call after your DP.

Feed Photo Size

There was a time when Instagram only allowed square images to be uploaded, to the dismay of many. They’ve come leaps and bounds since then though.

  • For square images the recommended image size is 1080x1080px, but to ensure maximum quality of upload, opt for 2048x2048px.
  • For landscape images the recommended dimensions are 1080x566px.
  • For portrait images the recommended dimensions are 1080x1350px.

Instagram Stories Image Size

Insta story photos and videos are a great way to get your content out there and publicize yourself. Therefore, the size of your Instagram story matters. To utilize the whole screen effectively though you’ll need to follow certain dimensions.

Instagram story dimensions are 1080px by 1920px but is also known as 9:16 if you are using a separate app to crop your photos. For Instagram story videos the dimensions are 750px x 1334px and can only last up to 10 seconds.

Try InShot

InShot is an app for Android and iOS for photo & video editing and has been a dominant force in the game for a while now. A great feature that can help you is the aspect ratio.

With InShot you can crop your photos based on the requirements of many different social media platforms automatically. From Facebook to YouTube to Instagram, all the dimensions are set out for you with templates in the app – just pick the one you need and get editing. InShot constantly update the app ratios to match the ever-changing requirements of these social media giants.

Size Does Matter

Despite what you’ve been told all these years, size really does matter. Especially if you want to build a name for yourself, develop a brand, gain more followers and create a community on social media. Make sure your images are always high quality and work on bringing a high level of consistency and aesthetics to your images and your profile as a whole.

Pick Your Lighting

Lighting is everything in photography, if you didn’t know already. We’re drawn to images that are lighter, brighter and more vibrant in general. In a blind smartphone camera of 16 high-end phones, many images from cheaper models with lower quality won over their more expensive counterparts.

The results were clear: even though the image quality and composition of the cheaper smartphone cameras were significantly worse, people voted for these and were led into believing they were better quality photos. In fact, they weren’t, but they made a subconscious decision based on brightness. So take this into account when setting up your shots.

Choose a Theme

When I mentioned consistency and the overall aesthetics of your profile, I really meant pick a theme. You see, a lot of people neglect to look at their profile as a whole, focusing only on the images at hand when uploading.

The result is a choppy, unorganized profile that’s simply not nice to look at. Instagram is a visual, photo-based platform. Treat it as one.

Themes can be color based, like black and white or, can contain similar tones or filters across all photos contributing to the overall look and feel of the Instagram grid formation. Themes can also be content-based, so if you are in a specific niche (memes perhaps?), stick to that. Consistency is a must to keep your followers engaged.

Be Consistent with Uploads

In general, social media “gurus” recommend posting at least once a day. If you have time. If you don’t, ignore this. It’s not realistic for those with super busy lifestyles.

Keeping your posts consistent lets your followers know what to expect and help make sure they never miss an upload. Time them consistently too. The goal is to generate more interaction and have other users tag their friends in the comments or share your content, creating more exposure for you.

Post Edit

With so many post editing options available these days, the possibilities for modifying images are endless. Features like filters, exposure and sharpness adjustment, and even blemish correctors can elevate your images to a whole new level. I usually recommend PicsArt, an probably the best free app with a metric ton of features to bring the best out of your shots.

Well young influencers and social media Extraordinaires, there we have it. Now that you know the correct dimensions for Instagram photo sizes, start uploading better stuff and get out there. Show your best self to the world.

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