Is Samsung About to Drop the S and Note Series? It Looks Like It

10/03/2019     Author: Billy Gray

It seems that Samsung is about it move in a new direction with regard to the Note and S series phones. It’s about time – they were starting to get repetitive.


If you looked at the Galaxy Note 10 and thought ‘oh, that looks a lot like the Galaxy Note 9’, then you weren’t the only one. The same applies to the Galaxy S10. Samsung is doing what Apple is also doing – they’re essentially just upgrading previous designs with better cameras and more powerful internal specs.


But for most people, this isn’t enough. People want to see a fundamentally new and original release to keep them interested in shelling out more than a thousand dollars for a smartphone. Samsung is aware of this, and it looks like they’re taking action.

The action in mind is to drop any further releases in the Note and S series phones and instead to combine them into one phone. This makes sense, seeing as the only difference between those two phones is that the Note range is more rectangle and has an S-Pen. Samsung could just give the S series an S-Pen and that would cancel out any real difference between them.

New direction for the Galaxy

The new direction would combine the Note and S series phones into something potentially called the Galaxy One. This would also mean that Samsung wouldn’t have to continually add ever higher numbers onto the end of their handsets. The Galaxy S17 doesn’t exactly have the best ring to it…

In fact, with the release of the Galaxy Fold, and the potential for the Korean company to push this range for another decade, it makes complete sense for them to combine the Note and S ranges into one creation and then work with this alongside the Fold as the company’s two distinctly different premium smartphones.


Samsung is already famous for having more budget and mid-range phones than you could shake a stick at, so it works to the company’s advantage to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen on their premium end. This also means that they can focus more resources and minds into the new Fold phones of the future and the new model of combined Note and S series phones.

Essentially, the company would be taking the S series and throwing an S-Pen into the mix. They’d likely do away with the Note series, which, let’s be fair, isn’t as appealing in design as the Note range. This would basically mean that the Fold range would begin being launched in place of the Note.

Of course, given that the Galaxy Fold was delayed by quite a fair amount of time this year, we’d have to assume that this isn’t going to be done next year.

Not confirmed

Samsung has said that they’re considering these changes. They’re not in stone yet. That being said, it takes a year to develop a new smartphone, so the company will have to make their mind up pretty soon. This means that we’ll likely hear more rumors in the coming months, but for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

That being said, when you really think about it, it just sort of makes sense that Samsung would follow through with this. After all, look at how the iPhone 11 has been received: great phone, yeah, but it’s just an update to the iPhone XS, and there’s no hiding it.


It seems that the world of smartphones is coming to a stagnant plateau and it needs to pick a genuinely new and original direction quickly to ensure that it can still keep up sales. This is where the foldable phone comes in.

Foldable smartphones are a genuinely original and massive technological development. Look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold – it’s flawed. It has a crease that runs down the middle of the screen which Samsung can’t get rid of. The Huawei Mate X doesn’t have this problem, but then the screen on that device will likely be much more prone to scratches.

The point here is that this new technology still has a long way to go, which means that a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would be a genuine improvement over the current one. This means that there would be a genuine reason to buy it.

The future of Samsung

The smartphone world doesn’t need to keep constantly improving the internal specs of its devices. As long as they can keep up to the demands of modern gaming and streaming, then users will be happy. What the industry needs is new and innovative ideas and designs that make the phones stand out.


They can’t just keep releasing the same phone with some upgrades anymore – people just don’t care about that. Aside from making clever new designs, smartphone manufacturers need to also start to focus on ethically sourcing the materials in their devices.

This is, of course, good for the planet, but to be a cynic, it’s also what sells at the moment. It will also sell a lot better in the future.

If Samsung is the first company to realize all this, then they will be able to keep their top position in the global smartphone market. Apple are likely going to jump on board this new ship sooner rather later, too. Huawei are arguably already a step ahead of Samsung – their Mate X foldable phone looks way better than the Galaxy Fold. It seems that the Google suspension is the only thing holding them back at the moment.

The wrap-up

Rumors of Samsung’s new direction are a reflection of a much bigger shift in the smartphone world going on right now. What you’re used to seeing in a smartphone is going to gradually change until you’re left looking at a Galaxy S10 Plus wondering how anyone could ever have thought it was a cool phone. It’s going to be a very interesting few years ahead for the industry – here’s just hoping that they can keep the prices down.

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