Is the Overwatch Legendary Edition worth it?

07/10/2019     Author: qdat

Overwatch is what you get if you mix Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games with First-Person Shooter (FPS) games. Overwatch is a beautiful and unique game with its Heroes having distinct personalities and abilities.

Legendary vs Standard Edition

If you head over to the Blizzard online shop right now and try to buy Overwatch, you will be greeted with two different editions of the game with some very different prices. These two variants are Overwatch’s Standard Edition and its Legendary Edition. Purchasing the Standard edition will cost you $19.99 while the Legendary Edition will cost you $20 more than the Standard, coming in at $39.99. A lot people who are looking to buy Overwatch and haven’t played the game before are wondering what the differences between the two are and reason behind their $20 price jump.

Well quite frankly, the only difference between the two editions is that the Legendary Edition comes with a few skins for Overwatch and some in-game freebies for other Blizzard games. That’s it, that’s actually it. You are basically paying a $20 premium for skins and items. Other than that the two are basically the same, you still get the same copy of Overwatch, you still own the game, you can still play with your friends using any hero on any map that is in the game. You just don’t have any skins to go with your heroes but if you are fine with that, you aren’t losing much since the skins don’t grant any sort of competitive advantage making it fair for everyone.

Overwatch Legendary Edition Breakdown

As indicated earlier, buying the Legendary Edition doesn’t grant you any competitive advantage and only includes some skins and items for other games. The Overwatch Legendary Edition includes 15 Overwatch skins if you purchase it, and items for Blizzard games like Diablo III, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II, and Hearthstone. The 15 included skins for Overwatch are composed of 5 Legendary skins, 5 Origin skins, and 5 Epic skins.

Here is a complete list of all included skins.

Epic SkinsLegendary SkinsOrigins Skins
Shrike AnaFool JunkratOvergrown Bastion
Pale MoiraPolice Officer D.VaStrike Commander Morrison Soldier :76
Carbon Fiber GenjiOkami HanzoSecurity Chief Pharah
Paragon ReinhardtMystery man McCreeSlipstream Tracer
Winter WidowmakerValkyrie MercyBlackwatch Reyes Reaper


These skins will automatically be credited to your Overwatch account if you end up purchasing the Legendary Edition. It is worth noting that all the Legendary and Epic skins you get from the Legendary Edition can be also acquired through loot boxes in the game but the Origins skins cannot be acquired through other ways except from buying either the Legendary Edition or Origins Edition (currently not available) of the game.

Aside from the 15 skins for Overwatch you also get various Overwatch-themed goodies for Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo III.

Is buying the Overwatch Legendary Edition Worth it?

My honest answer is no, buying the Overwatch Legendary Edition is not worth it. If you are someone who is just looking to play the game and enjoy it with your friends, skins won’t matter that much and it won’t be taking anything away from your gameplay experience. If you don’t play any of the other Blizzard games, you also won’t be able to enjoy the other freebies, making it less valuable to you.

On the other hand, if you are an avid fan of Overwatch, and you want every possible skin, then the Legendary Edition might be a good buy for you. You get 5 legendary, 5 epic skins, and 5 Origins skins that you can only obtain through Legendary Edition/ Origins Edition purchases. It might be an easy decision for you. But for the average player just looking to play the game, you won’t be losing out if you buy the Standard Edition and save your $20 instead. But don’t worry, all of them will be free very soon as the game was released nearly 5 years ago.

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