Microsoft Edge Gets Massive Upgrade – Now Ready to Use

08/23/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The Microsoft Edge Browser for Windows 10 and above is now ready to be used. The Chromium-based browser has seen some dramatic overhauling in the last few months.


Many people don’t actually bother using Edge, even though it’s now consistently regarded as one of the best internet browsers out there. The Edge browser seems somehow synonymous with Microsoft Internet Explorer, which let’s face it, is pretty lame.


The new version of Microsoft Edge is supported by Windows and MacOS, and it houses some pretty neat features that make it much more usable than the previous versions. The update means that the browser will now work on Chromium – the same code that Google Chrome uses. This means that it will be able to have many of the same tools as Google Chrome, which will make switching from the world’s most popular browser that little bit easier.

Chromium is generally regarded as the most user-friendly code to run an internet browser on, and many of the biggest rivals of Google, including Brave Browser, and now Microsoft Edge, use this code.

What does this mean for Edge?

Microsoft choosing to run their Edge browser on Chromium means that users can have a much more comfortable experience online and can make the most of all the features that make Chrome unique. This means that Edge can now support extensions from Google Chrome.


That will come as great news to many people. The ability to use things like Grammarly, Ad Block Plus, and HTTPS Everywhere is a real plus for a browser, and many of these add ons were only previously available on Chrome.

Google Chrome is infamous for its heavy use of your computer’s RAM, yet many people have been forced to put up with this because they need the extensions that Chrome offers – as well as the Google integration. With Edge now running on Chromium, people with low-spec computers don’t have to worry about their machine being eaten alive to run Google Chrome. Now they can run the more RAM efficient Microsoft Edge browser and experience all the same perks.

Internet Explorer Mode

One more thing about the new version of Microsoft Edge is that you can open the old Internet Explorer in a separate tab. This isn’t just for the sake of nostalgia for a simpler time, either. Many websites and apps were developed back in the day to be run specifically on what was the most popular internet browser at the time: Internet Explorer. These websites don’t work properly on other browsers, so being able to IE in Edge is actually a very useful feature that will allow users to access more of the internet.

Ramped-up privacy settings

One more thing that Microsoft have done is to up the level of privacy that users can expect from the browser. With so many major privacy scandals in the media of late, people are increasingly concerned about how and where their data is used.


The new version of Microsoft Edge will allow you to choose your level of privacy control. You can choose from three levels that range from easy-going to strict privacy controls that will block cross-website trackers from targeting your web activity.

This shows that Edge is up to date with the latest concerns about privacy and is willing to take these concerns seriously. It’s refreshing.


This will be of particular use to anyone using the web for research purposes, although it’s also just useful for anyone who wants to bookmark and categorize different web pages. You can save pages that you like into custom categories so that you can look back on them later for reference.

This is similar to the bookmark feature on most browsers, but it just means that things are more orderly and categorized. In fact, it’s pretty surprising that no one has thought to do this before.


Cross-developer collaboration

Microsoft is looking into the future of web browsers and wondering what could come to pass – and they’re taking steps to see that web developers are able to work more closely together to bring new apps and websites into the public sphere.

By enabling closer collaboration between web developers, Microsoft is investing in the future of the web to make it a better and more connected place. This is a positive step in the right direction and actually sort of demonstrates how the web is one area where people aren’t just trying to play every dirty trick in the book to get your money, information, and attention.

Microsoft Edge is a browser of the future, in which privacy and security are of the upmost concern and collaboration between great minds can make the web a better place.

The wrap-up

Microsoft Edge is a real upgrade to the world of internet browsing. If you’re sick of the taxing amount of data that Chrome requires to run, then this is the ideal next pick for you. Try it out now.

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