Modern Warfare to Unleash Battle Royale – But Not Until Next Year

12/11/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’ve been hoping for a battle royale mode in the upcoming Modern Warfare game, then you’ll have to wait a while longer before getting your hands on it.


After months of rumors and speculation, plus a nail-biting demo, Modern Warfare is finally here to provide one of the most significant gaming experiences in years. Activision have deliberately named it after the 2007 classic by the same name, which completely changed the way that people played online games. Now, this update to the gritty classic will shake you off your heels and provide you with one of the most intense and consequential storylines in gaming history, plus a fully kitted-out online mode.

But the real question on most people’s mind was: will it come with a battle royale mode?

To answer this, in short, not yet. Activision have hinted that they’re intending on releasing a battle royale game next year, but that it’ll be a stand-alone game, rather than being a feature of Modern Warfare. The immersive multiplayer mode on Modern Warfare should be more than enough to quench your thirst for the time being – and if you really need a battle royale fix, then there’s always Chapter 2 of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Modern Warfare – gritty, tense, and raw

To say that what we’ve seen of Modern Warfare so far is tense is something of an understatement. The game is brimming with raw, lifelike scenarios that put you in an uncomfortable and stressful moral position. Quick decisions must be made with lives at stake, and then wrong move could have disastrous consequences.

This is what soldiers have to deal with when they’re on duty, and this is what Activision wants to get across to players. In a way, it’s a respectful homage to the sacrifices that soldiers make every day – highlighting the difficulties that they face, not just on the battlefield, but for the rest of their lives.

Activision have made an effort to move away from the sci-fi plots that were popping up in previous CoD games. You won’t find any zombies here, or teleportation, or Rolling Stones soundtrack. There’s no nostalgic throwback to the back door shady operations of the Cold War era. This is raw, modern warfare. This is what soldiers face on the front line, where life and death are very real concepts.

Controversial, and gladly so

The demo for Modern Warfare was quite close to the mark – and rightly so. The game will likely cause some parents to turn their heads and wonder if this isn’t a little too much for their 15 year old kid to be seeing. The thing is, this isn’t desensitizing – quite the contrary, it provides a realistic picture of you can expect from serving in the special forces, as well as the sacrifice it takes to serve your country and keep it safe from the ever-growing threat of terrorism.

The game isn’t meant to be an action-packed Hollywood-style free-for-all of bullets and arcade-style fun. It’s supposed to be deeper than that, and Activision has certainly done a good job in making it just that.

Heart-throbbing demo

The demo for the game was nail-biting. It takes place after a terrorist attack hits Piccadilly Circus in London. You’re a member of a Special Forces team, tasked with hunting down the terrorists who committed the attack and eliminating them.

Your intelligence leads you to a townhouse in North London, where it is believed that they’re hiding. You approach the house under the cover of darkness, being careful to remain unseen. From outside, you can hear some of the men talking in the kitchen about how the attack was a failure and how they need to regroup to perform another one. This is your green light to strike.

You breach into the house, killing the men, and thus beginning a tense and nail-biting search of the rest of the multi-story townhouse. As you progress through the house, you can hear a baby crying, and they you’re confronted by a terrified woman – you almost shoot her, but then you stop, realizing that she’s carrying an infant child.

You continue on through the house, at one point getting attacked through a bathroom door – you open fire through the wall and open the door to see your assailant lying dead in a pool of his own blood in the bathtub. It looks eerily real.

Finally, you make it to the top of the house, where you see a woman who is crying and begging for her life. She says that she’s been held hostage by the terrorists and she wants to escape. Suddenly, she runs to a table and is shot down by your teammate. It turns out she was going for a detonator on the table. Close call.

The demo ends there, and we’re speechless over the brutal reality portrayed in it. This is what Activision was going for, and in a way it’s kind of refreshing to see a game take such a hardline approach to realism. We’re left in a genuine state of shock after finishing it, but we want more.

Modern Warfare – Online Multiplayer

Activision has put in a lot of effort to make sure that the online mode of the game is all that it could possibly be. The original Modern Warfare back in 2007 was famous for its revolutionizing of online gaming, so this time around we’re expecting something similar to take place.

The online mode will feature all the familiar team deathmatches and so on, as well as special operations, which can be played with between one and four players. These are like missions that will test you on more specific skills. They add another layer of challenge to the game and you’ll be rewarded in stars depending on how well you complete the task at hand.

The wrap-up

We’re expecting Modern Warfare to be one of the most significant of all the Call of Duty games. Whether we’ll see a battle royale mode coming along with the game or not remains to be seen, but for now, we’ll make do with the excellent online mode provided.

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