Motorola Razr Flip Phone Delayed to 2020 Due to High Demand

12/26/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Motorola have had fans excited with their revival of the once-loved flip phone, but it appears that it was so popular that they’ve had to delay its release to 2020.


The flip phone was the coolest handheld device on the market for a long time. Re-watch The Matrix and you’ll see why. Motorola has taken the bold step of employing foldable screen technology to revive this once popular design in a new light.

The design of the Motorola Razr 2019 (which, ironically, won’t be release in 2019 thanks to delays) is a revolutionary take on modern mobiles. It starts as a traditional flip phone, and then opens into a regular smartphone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t offer you any more screen space than a regular smartphone, but it does mean that the phone is compact when it’s in your pocket.

The phone has already gained so much attention that Motorola have been forced to delay it due to supply issues. Quite simply, the company didn’t anticipate that so many people would want to buy the thing.

According to journalists who tested the Razr 2019, it performed well and didn’t appear to have any design flaws. Lenovo – who owns Motorola – has publically stated that the delay is due to supply issues and nothing to do with design flaws. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed six months due to problems with the foldable screen, but Lenovo are adamant that they’re not suffering a similar fate.

Motorola Razr 2019 design

At first glance, the Motorola Razr 2019 is a pretty unassuming flip phone. You’d be forgiven for writing this off as a throwback to a simpler time in an effort to whip up some nostalgia. The truth of the matter is a little more interesting.

Once you unfold the Razr, you’re suddenly looking at a conventional smartphone with a wide screen. Don’t think that because this phone flips up that you’re getting a narrower screen – it’s very much a good size and looks great when playing videos or games.

When folded, the Razr has a sleek pebble-like look and is small enough to fit in your palm. It has a ‘quick-look’ display on the front that gives you notifications, tells the time and shows how much battery is left on your device.

The design of previous foldable phones have suffered from a variety of design flaws – for example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed after the screen malfunctioned in the hands of early reviewers. Also, the Galaxy Fold had a visible crease down the middle where the fold was. This doesn’t appear on the Motorola Razr, which is a great plus point, although we will have to wait and see whether this holds up after months of heavy use.

Razr 2019 Camera

There is one single 16MP camera on the rear of the Razr, which takes sharp photos – although you won’t be able to play around with macro or ultra-wide lenses like you can on some of the other top-of-the-range smartphones out there. Obviously, Motorola were forced to only have one camera in order to fit everything in to the relatively small phone. It’s a forgivable offence, considering the design necessities to make something like this. Also, the phone isn’t being billed as a photographer’s best friend, it’s being marketed as something with a unique and clever design. In short, the single lens shouldn’t be a problem for Motorola’s customer base.

To be fair, the camera does have extra settings like ‘bokeh’ and a 4x digital zoom, so it’s not a bad camera for something that’s meant to be lightweight. It’ll certainly be enough to get the basics done with ease.

There is also a 5MP selfie camera on the top of the unfolded screen, which is really fun to play with and then flip the phone open to automatically switch to the main camera. Overall, the phone performs well with regard to camera specs.

What’s on the inside?

The Razr 2019 isn’t packing the very latest in chipset technology – it sits humbly with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. You might be tempted to ask why such an expensive handset hasn’t bothered to run with the best chipset on the market. The reason for this is simple: heat.

The phone’s segments are just 7mm thick, so having a more advanced chipset would generate far too much heat and the phone would be prone to breaking. It would also drain the battery out of the thing far too quickly.

The battery is a 2,510mAh cell, which isn’t much when thrown up against the whopping 4,000+mAh batteries seen in many current flagships, but it’s enough to power the device considering the cutbacks on internal hardware.

The future of fold?

Given that this is still one of the first foldable phones that we’ve seen on the market, the question has to be raised: will this design carry on into the future? With Samsung and Huawei opting for smartphones that unfold into tablets, Motorola’s design certainly creates a new niche.

It’s likely that the company will continue to flip-fold line of smartphones and possibly continue to dominate in this area for some time to come. The Motorola Razr 2019 is a bold step into the future of smartphone technology and it would be great to see the design further developed in 2020 and beyond.

Contrary to what you’d expect from a design like this, the Motorola Razr 2019 is actually pretty seamless to use. The phone looks a lot like a regular smartphone when it’s unfolded, and the inclusion of Motorola gestures – like being able to shake the device to turn on the flashlight – make it a useful companion for your everyday life.

If you’re looking for something futuristic that will turn heads every time you use it, then this is the device to go for in 2020. Considering the demand for this phone, it’s no surprise that they’ve had to delay it, so don’t expect to be the only one in town with this toy.

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