New PlayStation 5 Leaks & Rumors – Not as Pricey as You Thought

11/21/2019     Author: Billy Gray

There’s been a lot of talk about the Sony PlayStation 5 since the company officially announced its late-2020 release. It appears that the console will be affordable.


Sony recently announced that the PS5 will be launching at the end of 2020, just in time to compete directly with Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation Xbox. It’ll also be released in time for Christmas and other major holidays, so you can expect heavy sales straight off the bat as kids around the world beg their parents for the latest gaming console.

Initial speculation figured that the price of the PlayStation 5 would be particularly high thanks to Hollywood-level ray-tracing capabilities and a PSVR headset that will make the upcoming console ready to meet the next level of gaming development.

It now appears that the PS5 will actually cost a more reasonable $499. Still not cheap, but far away from the massive price tag that people were initially throwing around. This more affordable price will come as welcome news to gamers around the world – and their parents, in many cases. It’ll also ensure that Sony can compete with Microsoft, although the PS5 is widely expected to wipe the floor with the upcoming Xbox, anyway.

PlayStation 5 rumors so far

There has been quite a lot of information doing the rounds regarding the PS5, lately. First of all, a design blueprint was leaked that appears to show what the console will look like – and it’s a step away from tradition and into a completely new look for consoles. It has a massive hole in the middle of it, which looks pretty cool and shows how good we’re getting at compacting groundbreaking tech into a small bundle.

What we have already heard from Sony is that the console will feature bespoke 8-core AMD chipset, as well as a GPU built around the best Radeon Navi tech. This means that the console will be capable of delivering some incredible graphics, with AMD CPU and GPU working together to allow ray-tracing – an advanced Hollywood technique that allows for some ultra-realistic special effects. We see this a lot in blockbuster movies, and now we’ll be seeing it in PS5 games as well. This will unlock some serious graphical enhancement potential in the next generation of video games.

The PS5 will also have 8K TV support, meaning the potential to have your visuals delivered to you in absolute perfect form will be there for anyone with the money to afford one of these monster teles. The games themselves will be bought on 100GB optical disks and will be played in a 4K Blu-Ray player.

The SSD storage in the upcoming PS5 is said to be 19-times faster than your average SSD storage, which means that even though new games will be incredibly complex and dynamic, they still won’t be slow to load, and in fact, loading times could pretty much be wiped out altogether. This will make for a much smoother gaming experience, especially with regard to multiplayer gaming.


Another massive shift in the PlayStation 5 will be the next generation of PSVR – Sony’s answer to the world of virtual reality. It appears that Sony are going to make a genuine push towards VR gaming with the PS5. It’s about time, as the technology to do this is increasingly present. Also, the competition is beginning to heat up, with Facebook’s multi-billion dollar purchase of VR headset company Oculus already spawning results like the new Medal of Honor game that will be released on the Oculus platform next year. These massive moves forward show that VR gaming is starting to take off, and Sony will be well positioned to take full advantage of this with PSVR.

While there is already competition in the VR space, most people are already set on buying a PS5 to take advantage of the existing platform of developers and games that will pour onto the console. Currently, the Oculus platform is pretty dry, and Sony will be banking on developers making games with PSVR in mind. This could ultimately render much of the competition pointless as people won’t want to spend $499 on a PS5, and then also spend another $399 on an Oculus headset. People will naturally just stick with PSVR.

The potential for games to be developed here is huge and we have no doubt that this is the future of gaming. Of course, it will take some time for games to really become impressive on VR headsets, so it’s best to have a traditional console as well as a VR headset so that you can still enjoy all the latest titles coming out on PlayStation, while dipping in and out of VR as you see fit, as well.

What else is there?

One more thing that Sony has already announced is that the PS5 will be backwards-compatible with PS4 games, as well as with PSVR. This will come as welcome news to PS4 owners who can rejoice at not having to buy a whole new set of games – and get rid of all their expensive PS4 games. Rather, gamers can simply sell their PS4 for whatever they can get for it, and use that money to buy some new PS5 games.

There has also been some talk around the multiplayer dynamics on the PlayStation 5 – this is mainly related to the abilities unlocked by the console’s whopping SSD storage speed. This means that online games can be designed with more convenience in mind and players won’t have to endure loading times so much. This also means that they can drop into games instantly and then see what’s going on.

There will no doubt be a lot more talk around this area as the console’s release approaches and more games are announced. Right now, we can expect to see some of the traditional PlayStation franchises like Uncharted making a return, and of course, a new GTA game will be in the works at some point, too. Ghosts of Tsushima is one of the only games already announced and this will be very popular upon the console’s release, and probably bundled in with it in many cases.

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