Samsung Galaxy J7. Is it worth buying? Probably not in 2019

06/21/2019     Author: Armand Richardson

The Samsung Galaxy J7 isn’t a bad phone by any means, but with emerging budget smartphones offering better specs, is it worth it?

This article is written with the aim for you to not waste your time buying the Samsung Galaxy J7, and later I’ll explain why.

But first, let’s talk about Samsung as a company, the specs, and price of this particular model.

Samsung aren’t particularly well known for budget phones. We usually hear of their constant release of flagship after flagship with the Note and Galaxy S Series. But, with the recent emergence of stunning phones hailing from the Chinese market at a significantly cheaper cost, Samsung were forced to stay relevant with the likes of the J7.

The likes of Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and now Honor are bringing high-end hardware to the world at a fraction of the cost. When the world started to realise this, it became harder and harder to justify paying 5x (in some cases) the amount for a Samsung or Apple flagship.

As a result, Samsung’s hand was forced, and so became their ranges of budget smartphones in an attempt to stand up to these Chinese emerging mobile superstars.

The Galaxy J7 is an older phone by now, released to the market in June 2018. Today, you can get your hands on one for between Rs. 9900 (142 USD) to Rs. 13499 (194 USD) for Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo model.

Samsung J7 specs

Display: 5.5” 720x1280pixels, 267ppi, Gorilla Glass 5

Camera: 13MP front/13MP back

Processor: Samsung Exynos 7 Octa, Octa-core, 1600 MHz

Storage: 32GB + Micro SDXC

Battery: 3300mAh


These specs are certainly not bad for the price tag, but nothing to write home about by any means.

The camera

The rear camera has an aperture size of F1.7, Focal length: 28 mm; Sensor size: 1/3.06; Pixel size: 1.12 um. There’s an LED flash for low light and full HD video recording at 30fps. Photos come out decent in good lighting conditions but tends to produce grainier images in low light.

There’s also the addition of facial recognition unlock with using the front facing camera.

Processing power

There’s nothing more frustrating than a laggy phone and operating system. The Samsung J7 comes equipped with Samsung Exynos 7 Octa, and runs smoothly even while using the most memory intensive apps. This may be compromised however if you expand the storage from 32GB to 256GB via the expandable storage slot.

It’s 2GB of RAM again, is nothing to write home about, but the signature Samsung processor makes up for this, provided you’re not going heavy on PUBG for hours on end.


For the most part, the Samsung Galaxy J7 isn’t a bad device. But if you’re reading this in 2019, which I assume you are unless you’re a time traveller of sorts, there may be better options out there. If you only get around to reading this in 2020, which is a high possibility, forget it.

As I previously stated in the article, it’s hard to justify buying anything from premium producers like Samsung anymore, even if it is a budget phone. The J7 holds up ok in all departments, from the camera to the processor to the screen resolution and so on.

I personally believe it’s an exciting time to be a smartphone user due to the mass amount of awesome budget devices emerging. Here’s some alternatives to the Samsung J7 you might be interested in.

Xiaomi MI A2 Lite

Probably the top budget device you can get your hands on right now by one of my favourite phone companies, Xiaomi. The design is slick and premium, storage is generous (64GB), 4GB of RAM is even more generous and it also has dual SIM support. At roughly $219 USD, it’s only a fraction above the Samsung Galaxy J7 but arguably far better value for money.

Honor 10 Lite

Since Honor’s inception onto the scene, they continue to surprise. This budget phone is no exception. It’s got a beastly 3400 mAh battery that’ll last you longer than you need it to, 6GB of RAM, 24MP selfie camera and many more specs that are a cut above the J7. All for the price of roughly $259 USD. Yes it’s a bit more costly, but it’s undoubtably worth the extra few bob.


This is one of those rare budget phones with specs that seem too good to be true. But alas, it has arrived. Wireless charging, fingerprint sensor, slick design, 4GB RAM, and a 3250 mAh battery. We normally don’t expect to see these on a phone that costs $169.99 USD, but the world is changing fast my friend.

Calling it in

At this stage, and in this day in age, I think it’s safe to say the Samsung Galaxy J7 is a bit outdated. With superb Chinese phones offering better specs at the same price, they’re the clear choice. Unless you’re an avid Samsung fanboy on a budget. Then by all means go for the Galaxy J7. But if you want the best all round experience for little cost, you know what to do.

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