Samsung Galaxy S11 – 108MP Camera – Latest Rumors and Leaks

11/13/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Samsung’s upcoming flagship will supposedly have a staggering 108MP camera, as well as a bigger screen and more. Here’s all the rumors and leaks so far.


Samsung have been busy recently. The recent Galaxy Fold was a leap into new territory that most people are assuming will set the tone for the future of smartphones. While it might have been a bit of a flop overall, there’s no doubt that the company had the right idea at heart and will make the necessary improvements in the years to come.

But the foldable smartphone isn’t the only thing that the Korean giant has been working on. Their upcoming flagship – the Galaxy S11 – is beginning to take shape, and it’s been leaked that the phone will be launched in February 2020.

The launch of the S11 puts rumors to bed as well as makes new ones. There was talk after the Galaxy Fold that Samsung would ditch the Galaxy S and Note lines and combine them into something new, then have the Fold line as a separate flagship. It appears that this isn’t going to be the case, or, at least not yet.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the rumors and speculations surrounding the Galaxy S11, including leaks that it will feature a whopping camera setup that would put it ahead of all the competition in this theatre.

Samsung Galaxy S11 rumors

In keeping with previous phones in the Galaxy S range, the S11 is said to be due for a February launch. This would fit nicely into the calendar and give us something to look forward to after having blown all of our money at Christmas and New Year’s (how anyone affords phones in February is beyond us). The phone is already a hot topic in tech forums, with a whole plethora of rumors coming out about what it’ll be packing.

So far, Samsung, Google, and Apple haven’t been overly exciting when it comes to camera hardware – although they have had some great results nonetheless, the companies haven’t ventured into the territory of 48MP cameras in the same way that Chinese companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have done. This seems to be a step back from the top end of the hardware race, and it’s something that people are starting to appreciate these Chinese firms for doing.

Samsung is all too aware of this, and it seems that they’re unpacking the big guns and deciding that it’s time to give the Chinese a run for their money. In doing this, they’re unpacking the biggest camera of them all – a 108MP lens that so far only Xiaomi has had the balls to include on one of their handsets.

That’s a big camera. It trumps anything else that is currently on the market, and Samsung has been patiently sitting on it for a while now, waiting for the right time to assert their dominance. There are tons of rumors that the Korean company is going to use a 108MP camera on the S11, including one that comes from the notes in the Samsung camera app (apparently it has a 108MP mode written into it).

This will give Samsung the technological edge and will make the Galaxy S11 a lot more desirable than an iPhone 11 – although, likely a lot more expensive, too.

World-class camera setup

Just how many cameras the S11 will have, we’re not entirely sure yet, but it’ll likely be at least three or four. A 108MP main sensor, supported by a 40MP ultra-wide angle lens, and a depth sensor, plus possibly a telephoto lens and macro camera could make up the overall camera setup on the rear of the S11. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to arranging a rear camera setup.

Most companies are opting for a the ultra-wide lens, as this allows for more diversity when photographing, although many also choose the telephoto lens so that you can zoom in without losing photo quality. The macro lens is a more recent arrival on the market and allows you to photograph objects as close as 2cm away – the problem here though is that the phone shadow tends to get in the way and this can affect the overall result of the photo.

Either way, we can expect big things from the camera setup on the rear of the phone, and it would be logical to expect a minimum 32MP selfie camera as well. It’s possible that Samsung will sacrifice having face-unlock by putting the camera under the screen. This is something that we haven’t seen anyone do yet, but the concept has been floated a lot and we know that it is possible. Whether they’ll do that or stick to their stylish punch hole front-facing camera, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What else do we know?

Other than what we’ve mentioned already, we also have reason to believe that the Galaxy S11 will support 5G. This could very well be the case, seeing as the technology is currently being rolled out around the world. Most companies have opted to avoid 5G because it makes phones significantly more expensive, but this will change as we go into 2020 and the technology becomes more widespread and available.

We can obviously expect the phone to be rocking the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, although this will probably only be in the US. Outside of the US, Samsung tends to use their own Exynos chipset. Whether the phone will have a Snapdragon 855, or a new version of the chipset is unclear. It’ll depend what’s available at the time – but whatever the best is, it’ll be using that.

We can expect the phone to have a minimum of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. At this stage, anything below 8GB of RAM is considered a bit of a cop out, especially considering a lot of phones are going up to 12GB of RAM now.

Ultimately, you can expect the Galaxy S11 to feature the best of pretty much everything available, and probably extras like wireless charging as well. It certainly won’t come with a headphone jack, so be prepared to spend a little extra here as well. Here’s to February 2020!

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